(The law of attraction: the secret to a successful entrepreneur)


By Malchus.

Questions need and must be asked by everyone, especially when things are not going too well in their lives. It’s obvious we all ask those important questions, but how many have actually found the right answers in the middle of that fire? Many just accept the status quo and go on with the wind.

However, there is more eminent problem humanity faces at the moment; and that is time. We don’t have time to keep on asking these questions; as some have called life to be too short. Throughout history the secret to a successful life has been known to be in one’s ability to develop the guts to change.

From famous inventors like Alexander Graham Bell to the Bill Gates of our times; Mark Zuckerberg… the list is endless. However, the common denominator has been what is called positive thinking (law of attraction}. This law was utilized much by the few but now we are able to access it.

The code that breaks the cord to all these questions can only be answered by learning how these great people; from time in memorial to present, managed to come up with incomprehensible objects and tools that even themselves were puzzled by what they had created.

Most of the successful individuals you can think of, had to take some form of a risk; that’s for sure, but this risk was not the usual business-capital if you may suggest. The risk they took had to do with the way they think and perceive everything around them, that risk, ladies an gentlemen was the mind.

Ask yourself what do you spend time pondering? This includes what you mostly look at, touch and smell to metaphorically put it, that which you likely cut your time, influences your attire, lifestyle and everyday life. Never forget that attitude affects your actions.

If you spend your time around novels and books, that everywhere you go always you carry one rectangular thing in your hands, mark my words, you will end up buying a newspaper one day. You may defend yourself that you were just checking a few vacancies, but until you start following the media like a psychopath, then will you understand you have been attracting everything written and informative; that’s the secret.

The law of attraction has been considered to be one of the secret to a successful life by those who have vowed to walk by it. It’s more of a spiritual commitment as far as metaphysics is concerned. In an intellectual sense, it has been proven right by science to be effective.

The energy of attraction states that if one always dwells on one particular thing, everything around them is attracted based on those actions. Those athletes who train and always think of beating records attract the energy of victory. The South African athlete Oscar Pistorious made it to the Olympics with prosthetics legs and broke records, and our own Giddes Chalamanda believed in landing in the US one day and actually the forces of the universe confirmed his dream.

In entrepreneurship, if you are afraid of being in debt, or making losses there is no way you will invest your profits. The negative energy of fear of the unknown will bring your business completely to the gutters. The universe has enough resources, for everyone so be one of those leading in tapping this ancient formula to succeed.

Imagine if Dr Wambali Mkandawire gave up making music because a lot of Malawians were not familiar with his genre of music, where could he have been now, musically? Another gem is the guy brains behind the light bulb, Graham Bell. Him believed that the filament will light up one day even though he died himself not understanding what he had made.

Positive thinking attracts a lot of positive outcomes, just like Newton’s law of motion that states that “to every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.” In other words, the universe responds to what you keep thinking and dwelling your energies on; be it bad or good that’s the LAW.

You need to take a chance and think that which you want to happen. For example, let us imagine you go on a window shopping outing. If you keep that image of shoes always in your mind; the energies you attract will be there to help you get that shoe. No one can explain how, it’s just what you agreed to have at the end of the day

Quit thinking about the risk of doing what you are doing; this happens especially when you are investing in a new business or any life venture; think of becoming that which you want, and you will keep attracting helpers, links, connections e.t.c to push you up that ladder. Forget about HOW.

Furthermore, take the step towards that which you want to happen without being afraid. For example, the founders of Entertainment Malawi did not think of how hard it was to host their website in Malawi; different from popular belief, they only envisioned something, and check what they have became, probably the best entertainment website in the country, who knows what is going to happen in five years coming? Watch the space.

If you dwell on negative thoughts about something you will keep attracting negative outcomes in your life. For instance, take a look at those women who believe that all men are dogs just because one dude broke their hearts one time; what actually happens as a result of such an attitude is that they never found a stable relationship. The same is true with healing; if you think you can get healed from a deadly virus believe you, it will come to pass.

To sum it all up! Stop saying…what if…maybe…or…well…start saying that “I” have it…I will have this or that in five years; write it down and always meditate on that thought, and see how the universe responds to that which you have declared.

Dr Martin Luther King JNR in his famous speech ‘I have a dream’ repeated the pronoun “I” even though it was hard for people to believe so at the time. So did Bill Gates, who came to be the most successful ‘high school drop-out’. In 1970’s, as a student, he developed a software and believed that his path was the right one. He attracted a lot of people who helped him along the way when he had no university degree in his hands.

We can become whatever we want to be, whether it be good or bad, the choice is ours, we control our own fate, we were created to create. The god likeliness inside of us must come out this time. Let’s try taste our powers from within by closing that which we always see…imagine…

That’s the secret!

So every time that inner fear comes in, remember the words below;

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”-Albert Einstein”

All power is from within and is therefore under our own control.”-Robert Bollies



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