Evelyn Chirwa



By: Patience Ngulube Lunda.

Many a times, there have been outcries of limited job opportunities amongst most Malawian youths in the country. Day in day out, fingers have been pointed in different directions on who should shoulder this catastrophe. Is it the government? Is it our education system? Is it the youths themselves?

Whatever it is, 25-year-old Evelyn Chirwa is out of the equation; For Evie is the proprietor of Royal Evie Fashion designs; a fast growing clothing line in the capital city.

To her, fashion designing was the only way she could help in the fight against increased unemployment levels in the country.

“Looking at our economy and high rate of unemployment, I decided to empower myself through fashion designing and it’s my way of earning a living,” she elucidated.

Her entry into the fashion designing world was rather intriguing. The passion for watching Miss World pageant on the rectangular box has now given birth to Royal Evie, an enterprise she is proudly owning.

“Growing up watching Miss World pageants increased my passion of creating and visualizing how one would like in my own made designs,” she recalled.

She believes: “Style is a reflection of one’s attitudes and personality and fashion has always been my happy place.”

Evelyn Chirwa

To her, Royal Evie Fashion is outshining other clothing brands and she believes that Luanar fashion week will be the perfect platform to show people that Malawians can produce remarkable designs.

“Royal Evie has its own style and visions which makes it unique among the rest and Luanar fashion week will encourage many people to support the idea of buying locally made products,” she narrated.

Besides that, Evelyn has high expectations about the Luanar fashion week because she is optimistic that it will be a life changing event.

“The event is based on social economic empowerment and promotion of the Buy Malawi Campaign. This is all about promoting livelihood of people especially the youth through income generating activities and it is a move to reduce imports of products that can be sourced locally,” expounded Lady Evie.

Evelyn Chirwa anticipates that the fashion designing industry can be promoted in Malawi by organization of many fashion events and if fashion designing could be treated as a new career in town.

“Organizing fashion show events is the best way to promote the fashion designing industry as well as sponsoring designers and if fashion designing would be treated with much importance than now,” she predicted.



-A graduate of Mitundu Secondary School

-Holds a Diploma in Accounting obtained at Pact College

– Higher Diploma in Textile and fashion designing training (Lilongwe SOS Vocation training college)



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