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Our Charity began on WhatsApp


By Noel Mkwaila

It is a fact that most social media enthusiasts, the youths in Malawi use the platforms mostly for informal tasks, you talk of chatting with buddies, updating their profiles about their life events and what have you.

Of course, a cross section of it uses it to connect with business and potential business clients. But they are in minority.

Out of those minority youths, there are also some who are using the social media platforms to change the livelihoods of others in their respective societies. One of such youths is Peter Ganizani who, in 2017, created a WhatsApp group, Reality Talk Youth Organization (RTYG).

The core business of RTYG was to offer a platform where Malawian youths could be brainstorming on issues affecting their lives, more especially sexual and reproductive health.

That was that. With time however, everything changed. The online platform took another step as group members started meeting physically to strengthen their noble course.

“We wanted to actualize whatever we had been discussing online. So, the members started meeting in their respective regions. By the time we’d started these meetings, we’d a representation from all corners of the country,” Ganiza reminisces.

It was out of those periodical meetings that RTYG started walking the talk by involving its members in various charity works nationally.

“We introduced periodical contributions. Once we’ve accumulated a sizeable amount, we do conduct various social responsibility works in various centres countrywide,” he says.

That has been the transformative path that RTYG trekked on. Its members are happy as well.

Memory Chirwa, one of the members, testifies that the grouping has made her into a responsible woman being.

” RTYG has a good number of programs like Namkungwi Reality Show that teaches us to withstand various circumstances psychologically. We also get full career guidance from various public figures that we interview one per week. Through such programs, I’ve been completely transformed,” testifies she. 

Meanwhile, the group is aiming at turning into a legally recognized charity institution with well-established infrastructures in all the regions of the country.

Peter Ganizani, now, the group’s Patron, says it is planning to launch seminars aiming at training young entrepreneurs in business management as well as provision of Start-Up loans. It is RTYG’s expectation that such trainings can aid in curtailing the swelling crimes rates purportedly committed courtesy of proper income generating activities amongst the youths.

“Most criminal activities by the youths are a result of shortage of proper channels for earning a living. With our proposed programs, such acts can greatly dwindle,” he predicts.

Meanwhile, Ganiza is pleading with fellow youths to properly utilize the social media platforms and make something meaningful to their lives and those around them.

“Youths should ensure proper usage of internet, social media to be more specific since it can help them to achieve their dreams,” advises Ganizani.



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