ORIGINAL PASSENGER to release debut gospel album


By Sekelani Saka

A few days after debuting his gospel track, Wangongole, the afro-pop star has revealed he’s in the booth preparing for a full gospel album, Son of King, later this year.

Wangongole has come a few months after OP declared his defection from secular to gospel music.

Now, according to the artist, Son of King is a reflection of his life experiences towards his becoming a born-again Christian.

“The album invites the listener into my life…before and after my conversion into my current state of affairs,” he reveals.

It is because of that theme that he felt he there should be no guest artist in the upcoming album.

“The album is all about myself, I just want to share with my fans about what’s been happening to me overtime. So, there’s nobody who knows me better than myself,” he justifies.

Currently, all the studio works are in their final stages and the album is set to have 12 songs.

As to when should M-Dubz wait for its release, OP said he’s waiting for the dust to settle, (Corona Virus disease).

“For now, I can just say it’s going to have 12 songs. The release date will wait when the situation may normalize…you know, the Covid 19 effects,” he reveals.

Son of King has seen the handiworks of J-Mass, and Don T from Red Disk Music, as well as Sispence from Matrix records.



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