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‘ORIGINAL PASSENGER debuts the gospel world with WANGONGOLE


By Wa’Lue Valenzano

Former secular music artist, Original Passenger, has finally debuted the long-awaited gospel song, Wangongole.

Five months ago, the singer rebranded from secular to the gospel music world.

So, on Tuesday, 14th May 2020, the singer finally made his statement in his new ‘found land’ with the said single.

According to OP, the single invites the listener into the singer’s world on some of the experiences that transformed him to the gospel planet.

“Much of the song is highlighting the driving factors to my transformation. However, I came to the realization that fame and money should not be driving me nuts anymore,” he claimed.

Original Passenger believes this was the right time for his current path.

‘I think it was just right time for me to transform, I could feel it in my spirit. I couldn’t compose anymore secular I just couldn’t do it anymore and to be honest a lot of things happened last year. There are things that I cannot explain right now.”

Prior to his transformation Passenger had an album on the way which comprised of the hit Dekha, which was to be released early this year. However, the album was cancelled in its final stages when Passenger became a gospel singer.

“To change from being a secular to a gospel artist was very challenging at first because I was still enjoying some of songs’ success which had been enjoying airplays, songs such as Dekha, Moni (a duet with Smacks), and Nena. I had fame at my fingertips which I was to just leave behind and start a new life. So, for me it was hard to instantly start singing for the Lord, it’s like I was new and I didn’t know where to start from.” He explained.

Original Passenger rose to fame since the release of his debut Malodza in 2017 and has released few more hit songs since his career took off.

As an ex secular entertainer, Passenger has cited that many young people are engaged in worldly things that do not contribute anything productive at the end of the day. He therefore urged the youth to give their time to the teachings of the gospel while they are still young and productive.



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