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Kansiime Annie is one name no soul can miss. She is one hell of a stand up entertainer who can crack your lungs out with her crazy-comedies. Against all odds, being an African, where being a female is an ‘automatic’ entry into a second fiddle position, Kansiime has made it; in a man’s land.

Following through Kansiime’s journey, on the surface at least, one can draw some visible similarities with Malawi’s Felistus Tibalenge Ngwira, commonly known by her stage name, Nya-Uyu.

Nya-Uyu is one name nobody can miss when it comes to Malawian stand up comedies. She is one trending comedian you cannot miss both on the social media and even in live performances too.

Just like Kansiime, Nya-Uyu is another pain in the souls of men. She is “le madame” loud mouth who always airs out what’s in her chest no matter “the weather”. Crazy tough at times, but digging deeper into her gibberishes, there is always some hard truths.


Funny how this one-time admirer of the legal profession found herself on the stage, cracking lungs of all and sundry. Not that she was not into arts, no! She knew she had the talent in performing arts since way back. However, she never thought she was going to end into comedies. Not this big anyway.

What more? It is even inspiring that her rise to stardom emanated out of frustrations of being snubbed from making her debut into the movie world.

“I used to act on stage. I’ve worked with a variety of drama groups. Then, I had tried my luck in the movie industry. I don’t remember the time I got a lot of “Yeses”; all I heard was ‘you’ve great potential but sorry you didn’t make it’.”

So frustrating it was that Nya-Uyu got bored. She was demotivated. She had to ejaculate her frustrations. And what a better way of venting your frustrations than via the social media?

“I was bored. One time, I decided to make an audio on our secondary school WhatsApp group (Providence Girls) where I was mocking the northerners on how they make sound effects when kissing and that they day they will realize soya pieces ain’t meat they will be disappointed. These 2 audios went viral.” She recalls. 

And boom! Having received widest of feedbacks, Nya-Uyu thought of icing the cake by releasing a couple of similar video clips. And voila! All hell broke loose.

“I then decided to start making video clips and then before I knew it, they were all over town,” said Nya-Uyu.

Why Nya-Uyu

Nya-Uyu’s first video clips were posted by Malawi’s finest netball export, Mwawi Kumwenda on her facebook account. It was Mwawi who had coined the name.

“Mwai Kumwenda posted one of my first clips with a caption “move over Kansiime! Malawi has her own Nya-uyu. That’s how the name Nya-uyu was born and I decided to keep it.”

That was the charismatic journey of this enterprising comedian.

“People started calling and asking for more videos and that’s when I decided to get more serious with my journey as a comedian.” She reminisces.

The mind of Nya-Uyu the performer

“The social, political, cultural issues give me ideas. No one writes for me; I do it myself but issues happening around help give me some ideas. And when performing live, at times, ideas emanate from the atmosphere from the audience. At times, it’s not always that the script works, I just challenge myself to go on stage and let the abnormal me take over,” she reveals.


  • Birth Name: Felistus Tibalenge Ngwira
  • Date of Birth: 04 June 1995
  • Place of Birth: Mzimba District Hospital
  • Raised in: Mzuzu
  • Current City: Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Academic journey
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration (Exploits University)
  • Diploma in Rural and Community Development (Skyway)
  • Diploma in Human Resources Management from Malawi Polytechnic’s (Management Development Centre)
  • Hobbies: Eating, dancing, travelling and writing (eating is the first hobby; it’s actually a calling
  • Role models: Trevor Noah. Kenny Blaq. BasketMouth, and Kevin Hart
  • Favorite meal: “I love anything that comes with Nsima.I’m not a rice person”
  • Relationship status: very much single and ready to mingle
  • Goals: I want to be an international headliner one day. I want to be the best locally, and internationally.



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