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On Wednesday, Yours Truly found himself happily seated in the court of law in the commercial city of this our corrupt land attending a hearing of a case between the state and some unknown self-acclaimed hip hop musician.

As the saying goes that there are many cars you can board to reach the world of the famous, this lad chose to be popular with throwing tirades at whoever cared to be on his mind. He made it his business to be cooking beef even if it wasn’t that well-baked. One diss track after the other, he released.

The first song was titled L City Beef in which he pompously spat at any name you can hear from the music circle of the dust city.

He, without shame and morals, cursed at the Big Sharks to the Bonyas of the music industry residing in that side of our poorest country.

No one responded to his trash, you can call it a song if you want, I choose to call it trash because the whole song was filled with nonsense.

Because no one responded, he figured out his next move which saw him smelling the walls of the nasty police custody.

He decided to go straight and attack a female hip hop musician, undressing her from head to toe and exposing her nakedness.

He vomited at the musician with all his might as if he has been promised a box full of American dollars.

The female artist did not take her time to wait, she went and reported him to the men in uniform who grabbed him by the neck and threw him in their custody.

He spent some good days in the cells sleeping on an empty stomach while giving merry to mosquitoes and putting on chitenje for warmth when sleeping.

He appeared before court and never denied insulting the modesty of a woman.

The artist, who was supposed to be a gangster and show some courage, appeared to be the another version of that TV cartoon character, Courage the Cowardly Dog, as he admitted in front of people that he did the song out of stupidity.

The coward boy ate a humble pie as if he has been trained by experts in pity pretending.

Cut a long story short, the coward was sentenced to 480 hours of community service of which he will be mopping the dirty toilets of Ndirande clinic and cleaning the phlegm at the clinic.

The gangster will now be the mopping; he will be the cleaner of the dirty clinic.

All I want to tell you is that you should be careful; never cross beyond the laws of the land.

The Music Philosopher is not discouraging beef, get him right and clear, Yours Truly is carnivorous. He knows how rich in protein, beef is. Much as you have the full right to make beef songs the way you like but you need to be careful.

Another artist is now on bail waiting for his fate for releasing what was taken to be obscene material by some quarters of the society.

This is another coward who used any means to apologize to the point of being dragged by women to apologize in front of journalists.

You might be the next coward if you are not careful. As artists, we need to be careful with what we cook whilst we’re in the booth. Do another trash and the jaws of the law will be on your neck.



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