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One of the country’s rising Afro Pop and R&B singers, Nomo Cooper says his debut album, “Normal Aspect” which is set for the 2nd September2017, has been inspired by the current social and economic hardships the country is sailing through.

According to Cooper, Normal Aspect, is about inspiring Malawians to think positively as the whenever they are undergoing turbulent times.

The title is self-explanatory, I am focusing on normal aspect of life which is thinking positively. We all go through difficult times but I want people to get over whatever struggles they are facing when they listen to this album,” he explained.

Cooper says his ten tracked album marks the climax of his career as he metamorphoses from amateur into professional music.

“Being my first ever album since I ventured into this industry in 2005, I’ve done everything so as to win the hearts of all my fans.” He promises.

The album also features a touching song titled “Letter” which is a dedication to his deceased mother, and brother.

According to the singer, “Letter” is one of the powerful songs in the album which describes how he dealt with the death of the two important icons in his life.

“I went through a difficult time but I came to terms with it. That’s the message I want to share with the world. I hope they will relate to what I am trying to put across,” he said.

That aside, “Normal Aspect” also has songs such as “Mai Mai” which was premiered on Times TV on 14 August.

Normal Aspect artwork

Other songs include Sela mwana wa teacher, Ukanadziwa (a duet with Kelvin Sings), and Undikonde remix featuring various artists.

The album features productions by Tricky Beats, Ken Lo and Dare Devilz and collaborations with Blage, Kelvin Sings, Rex, Phil J, Zephy Oldies and Crystal.

 Nomo Cooper, real name Greshno Noel Amos, started music in 2005 at Malosa Secondary School . then, he used to go by the stage name, “Lil X”.

He changed the name when he had switched to his current name when he had also changed the genre of his music.

“Back then, I used to rap hence the name Lil X went well; however upon my switching to the current genre, I had to find a suitable name that could go along with it,” he reveals.



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