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When the youthful artist Bree Zane ditched NO SLEEP GANG to concentrate on his solo career; many a musical pundit had written him off the M-Dubz’ musical face.

To onlookers, Zane’s musical life, was but of a nomad as he had also called it quits in another clique; LGSB, before he had joined No Sleep Gang.

To himself however, it was a sign of staying focused and knowing his goals. He knew his destiny, and following his dream he did.

And now, it appears Bree Zane has now reached his destiny as he is now set to premiere his first solo single, STILL, this coming Monday (20 February 2017) on Radio Two FM’s Made on Monday program.

The artwork

The song, which features Kissinger, is about a guy, who is in love with a girl and whenever they argue he feels bad and even though they fight he still loves her and still wants to be her man no matter how bad the situation is.

Sampling the song’s lyrical content, plus the charismatic instrumentation courtesy of Explo, of the Sweet sounds Records in Blantyre, will leave you yearning for a second play. Truth be told, if the composition of the solo-side of Bree Zane is to be on the same momentum as STILL is, then Zane’s music has now come of age.

So, why did it took him so long to settle? Why did it took ages for him to go solo?

“Honestly I felt left out so I decided to take the time to explore myself and my talent So I wouldn’t say I quit per se But I think this time I want to work more in coming out as myself so people get to see what I can give them so if being solo will accomplish that then I told myself that I have to look out for myself”. He clarifies.

According to the interview with EM, Zane says the song’s contents were based on his personal experience.

“I was actually going through a situation where I loved a girl that much and i actually had to put it in a song,” he reveals.

Bree Zane, real name Donald Zimba has dropped the hit song under Base Sound. The youthful artist is currently the host for Base 265 TV show on Timveni Tv, channel 803

Catch the premiere on MBC Radio 2 FM , Made on Monday show with JoyNathu at 9PM in Malawi or anywhere in the world via this link http://tunein.com/radio/MBC-Radio-2-922-s206844/

For more info on Bree you can follow him on Instagram @Bree_Zane and Facebook @theycallmezane.

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