Nick Nyce Khanis

Nick Nyce Khanis: The magic fingers of beauty


By Philes Davis

“Show me an uptown lady and I’m going to show you a make up on her face.”

Beauty make up is now the norm of the day in all corners of our cities and towns. Back then, it used to be an act that could be received with disdain in most societies. Very funny though that facial make-ups had always been there, though intrisically.

Of course, way back, it was mostly, girlish, so to speak. Times change, so too is the industry.  Now, everywhere one can go, one is sure to bump into some soul with an evidence, rather an admiration of a make up on their faces. From men to young females, wearing a make-up is now fashionable, and more fashionable than before. Equally intriguing is the fact that facial make-ups is knowing no age. The young and the old are into facial beautification.  

Such an acceptance has resulted in a boom of beauticians both male and female outsmarting each other in their skills. With such an influx in town, it is so difficult to separate pros from wanna-bes. For a somebody with a taste for beauty, professionalism can be described in three little words; Nick Nyce Khanis. Truth be told, that name sums up the definition of a dexterous beauty make up artist.

A Malawian but based in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, Nick is a beautician par excellence.  

Through her craft, Nicki has seen her life economically transform from grade zero to an upper-class livelihood, whilst leaving lasting smiles unto her clientele.

The power of curiosity

Enterprising Nick recalls the genesis of her ‘future’ in 2016. Out of curiosity, she saw her hands trying to test her new found passion. By and by, the response she was getting motivated her to venture into this profession with a serious mindset.

“I could beautify myself and then I could hear somebody appreciating and everybody could be shocked upon hearing that it was my own hands. Such feedbacks motivated me to try my luck,” she reminisces.

Later on, she tried her skills on other people. The results were scintillating.

“When I’d done two or three people, I realized I had this talent. This was the moment I felt I needed to get serious with it,” she recalls.

Such was her background, and by each passing day, Nick’s passion grew, and so too was her clientele. Every passing day, she could be flexing her phalanges at somebody’s wedding, a party, or just for a noble event. Her name grew. Her skills became synonymous with beauty.

“Within a limited time, my clientele grew. The reason was that I was able (and I am able) to do a variety of make-ups, from a natural look, to a Halloween kinda appearance. I can do literally anything,” she challenges.

Not only is she adept at ladies, men too are his bread and butter.

“I can handle any human being regardless of their sexes. What matters to me is the style they want. Their biological make-up is nothing to my job,” she challenges.

Such has been the journey of Nick. No wonder she is always on the road, either RSA bound or to the Mother land, ‘landscaping’ her clients’ faces.


“It’s never a free ride being a beautician,” says Nick. Just like a medical doctor operating on their patients, Nick faces somehow similar challenges as the former. Here is how.

“Different make up products suit different skin tones. So, at times, my clients become reluctant to pay an equivalent of a service rendered. It really becomes so challenging to convince them to understand the reason,” she narrates.

All in all, Nick says challenges are part of every successful venture.

“You can’t succeed if you’re not facing some bumpy rides. Challenges make you grow in the industry.” She emphasizes. 


Just like most of successful entrepreneurs, Nick has ambitions. In a couple of years from now, she sees herself reaching all corners of Malawi ‘preaching’ the benefits of make ups.

That is not all. Nick is dreaming big.

“I want to open a beauty school where interested country men and women can learn this trade. In this way, I can also have my fair share of combating unemployment amongst Malawian youths,” she hopes.

Life philosophy

Business wise or her private life, Nick is a principled young lady. She describes herself as a visionary lady who always sees through her dreams. To her, everybody has their time to shine.

“Never give up on your dreams in life, work hard and always be an independent woman. Everybody has some strength in them. It just takes one to uncover those strengths and use them to their advantage,” she advises.  

Demystifying beauticians

In Malawi, it is unfortunate that a cross section of less-knowledgeable citizenry bedevil this industry. They equate professionals in this industry with immorality, a thing Nick quashes as baseless.

“This is very funny. Immorality has nothing to do with one’s profession. It’s their private being. As for me, I’m a responsible lady, married and with a kid.” She enlightens.


Perhaps the fulcrum of Nick’s success has been her hubby, who understands the nitty-gritties of his spouse’s profession.

 “I’ve a very supportive husband who understands the nature of my work and that does not bring any rift in my family. His presence has uplifted my career and life as a woman,” she thanks.

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