Catherine Mlenga, the producer of the movie


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By Franco Praise Mwachande jnr

Satellite Entertainment, a local film production has said everything is in order for the release of a new movie, Caroline, which is to be premiered on July 22nd at Capital City hotel, in Lilongwe.

The movie, written and produced by Catherine Mlenga is about condemning the attitude of leaking nude photos on the social media once love goes sour.

“Due to advance in technology, there is a lot which is happening on the social media and one of these is a vice of leaking nude photos when two romantic birds have disengaged. In the end, it’s ruining one’s reputation so we thought it wise about that habit and decide to come up with this movie as a solution.” She revealed.

In the movie, Caroline who is in love with Chris, did all it takes to keep her man. unfortunately, Chris is a ‘player’. In one of their camaraderie, Chris takes nude photographs of Caroline. This changed people’s perception of Caroline which forced her to attempt suicide.

Behind the scenes

According to Mlenga, the movie is going to have five chapters, but this is just the first in the line.

In an interview, Mlenga disclosed that the movie is being regarded as a master piece adding that Malawians should brace for a full potential and actors should not belittle themselves.

Mlenga further added that the movie is one of many projects that are coming out and what people will witness is the new dawn of entertaining and educating in the movie industry.

“This is just a short film lifted from my chapters, of course, it is also one of the highest quality to be produced in the country and we are also focusing on submitting it to various international film festivals,”she explains.

She adds: ” It’s a good movie and mature. As we know it tackles issues which are in public domain now because so far we still have people more especially girls who feel if they did not send such pictures, then there is no love. My aim here is telling them that if two people are in love, never trust their lover 100% because they will traumatized one day,” she advised.

The movie has been produced at Satellite entertainment in Lilongwe, with Henry Batson, as the script editor and Kwanjana Kanyada as the director.

Catherine Mlenga, the producer of the movie



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