By: Patience Ngulube Lunda.

Every day before I go to sleep, I make sure I either play a game in my phone, listen to music or watch any exciting movies on my laptop.

Most of the times I find myself playing the Draft game more than the other things I prefer with; reasons not even known to myself.

Although this is the case, I should confess here that I am not so familiar with this particular game even though I find it amusing. So to increase the fun, I make sure I play the easy level so that I should be winning every time and go to sleep happily.

As usual, on a certain moonless stressful night I decided to play the draft game in my phone to waste some time and then sleep.

Since I only play the Easy level, I started playing the game and I won, as expected. Those that know the draft game will agree with me that it is a game that requires careful planning before making any move but in my case I do not plan but rather play anyhow as long as I win.

As I won continuously, the thought of losing did not even cross my mind and after 50 minutes of playing the game I could feel like I’m undefeated. I decided to play my last game and then retire to bed … alas! only to lose the last game.

The loss of the last game then reminded me something that happens in real life, “the tendency of looking down upon others” and in my case I thought I would never lose when it came to the easy level of the game.

Often times, when people have had a breakthrough in their lives, be it a financial, career or what have you, they start to under estimate the capabilities of other people.

It is not right to think other people are not important in life because we all depend on each other for survival. The people who may seem to be the least important may be the ones to rescue us at some point in our lives.

Even the mouth needs the word, a doctor needs a patient and we also need each other.

The zulus would say ” Kosi kosi iyaphela” which means “I rest my case”.



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