By Gibson C Kamanga

Do not be afraid fi bein’ yourself; just live fi you and nobody else – Alkaline (Live My Life)

Often times, most of us the Young Generation are failing to develop for fear of being regarded as out of the norms.

The mantra of “following the tradition” or “this is how it is supposed to be done” has deterred us from realizing our full potentials. Such a thinking, more often than not, results in nipping our creative self in the bud. Ever imagined if all the world had such kind of a mentality, would we have the likes of Facebook? Would we have enjoyed the technological advancements we are enjoying now? Would we even have the clothes we are wearing right now?

Gone are the days when somebody had to be defining what reality was supposed to be like. Reality is not universal. Each one of us has their own formulas for success. So what may work out for you may not be the same to the next man. This is why it is important to focus on what you think may work for you. The rest belongs to the trash bin.

Similarly, as human beings, we have our own various needs, beliefs, and satisfactions. Just like our goals, these too cannot be universal. The folly of humanity is that more often than not, some people want to dominate, enforcing their beliefs, needs et al unto us.

When bumped into such kind of people, turn your back on them for if you give them space, they will end up indoctrinating you. In the end, you may feel bad about your choices. You may feel whatever you are doing is worthless.

The indoctrinators may bedevil you for choosing a path that may not only be new to them, but also for choosing a path many of them are afraid of. Feel proud about yourself. Feel very proud that you have taken a step totally different from the band wagon. As long as whatever path you have chosen is leading you to success, the end will definitely justify the means.

If you might have noted properly, the band wagonists are most of the times, failures, major reason being their lack of thinking outside the box. These are the people who do not have a third eye of seeing what others are not seeing. So, once they note you possess this ability, they would do whatever it takes to ensure you remain like them.

As one Damian Marley notes in his song, Speak Life, “It’s amazing how we keep on repeating our history, making the same mistakes our ancestors.”

The only way we can avoid repeating our ancestors’ mistakes is by trying out something new; exploring new avenues for our livelihood.

Always remember that it is from the great minds that were thinking out of the norms that end up developing some of the most famous life-saving technologies we are enjoying today. The list is endless…Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein,  Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg…

So next time somebody bedevils you for thinking differently, think of how unique it feels to be different. Think of those great minds! You never know, you may be on the journey to walking into their paths.



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