Lets get into the hidden life of Nes-Nes; The symbol of authenticity, humanity, and positivity


He is relatively a down to earth urban artist. He is one of most humble urban artists you will ever meet. Listening to his life history, you would note that he is one mature artist in town.

Unlike other urban artists locally, you will never hear nor listen to his songs publicly boasting about his being ghetto, but if you have a tete-a-tete chat with him, that is when you would understand the maturity in the versatile Nes-Nes, the recording and performing artist, and also the producer.

So, let’s take a ride into the life and background of this gifted noble son of the warm heart of Africa.


Birth name: Kelvin Lovemore Khuzumba

Date of birth, 15 November 1988

Place of birth: Masambanjati Thyolo

Marital status: Married, and has a baby boy

Nes-Nes, was born at Masambaanjati in the southern region district of Thyolo. He is the fourth born in a family of 6, with 5 boys and a girl.


Who is Nes-Nes?

Bumping into Nesnes today, he will tell you one thing alone, Nes-Nes is authentic. He does not live somebody else’s life.

In short, Nesnes is a humble person who minds his own business and lives his life. He does whatever he wants, sings whatever he wants so long as his conscious convinces him to.

Childhood life

Kelvin grew up in the popular Ndirande township, Malabada (kwa Gamulani) to be specific.

His life as a child was not that rosy. His biological father passed on when he was only four. Kelvin’s mother remarried. By the time of her second marriage, his mother brought with her five children to the second marriage, and the step father had three, making a team of eight children under one roof.

Throughout his childhood, Kelvin’s mother was unemployed, and his second father was also just a small-scale business person who relied on selling maize, beans and other minor businesses of that nature to earn a living. It was such small businesses that pushed the little Kelvin and his siblings through. In short, Kelvin’s past is a place he would not want to revisit.

The birth of Nes-Nes

The young Kelvin was a very shy young man. His cousins used to poke fun at him and started calling young Kelvin, Mr Nice Nice Guy after a Jack Chan movie by the same name (Mr Nice Guy).

With time, the name metamorphosed to Nes-Nes. Here was the story; Kelvin is a lookalike of his mother. So, the cousy used to taunt Kelvin by addressing his via a female version of Lovemore; Loveness. Loveness, Nes-Nes…the name eventually came into being.

The passion for music

His path to active music started way back when he started singing at his local church. However, it was in 2006 when he was in Form One that he was convinced he could make a serious career in the music industry. His lyrical prowess and his masterly antics on the stage assured him of success once he played his cards well. And he did.

Now, his musical antics required him to have a name, and his new name, Nes-Nes was the likely tag; he adopted it. And that was the origin of the versatile conscious artist, Nes-Nes.


Childhood playlist

Nes-Nes was a conscious dancehall young man; his everyday playlist included Sizzla Kalonji, Bob Marley, and Wyclef Jean. That aside, he could also sample some cool songs from Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, and others. It was from such musical greats that his versatility in both compositions, and lyrical prowess grew.

Locally, Lulu and Nes-Nes’cousin, Edward Sawerengera, have been Nes-Nes’ main motivations in the industry. Internationally, Sizzla Kalonje, Enrique Iglesias, Jason Miraz, Marc Anthony and Wayne Wonder have also had a fair share of motivation to this youngster.

Academic journey

Having attained the Malawi Schools’ Certificate of Education, Nes-Nes pursued Computer Engineering. Unfortunately, financial hiccups blocked him from going further with his studies.

When the sun shone, Nes-Nes started another course; CSCO Networking at Lilongwe Technical College. He completed the said course at the Malawi Polytechnic.

Later on, he went back to further his studies again, this time around he pursued a course in Information Communication Technology at the same, Malawi Polytechnic

Memorable moments:

“Imagine someone from Ndirande, mfana wamu Ghetto going to Chileka Airport osati kukawona ndege koma kukakwera ndege going to the Republic of South Africa to perform; I’ve gone there many times now but I’ll never forget the first time. It felt amazing.”

That is how Nes-Nes sums up his most memorable moment.


“Live fast: Fight Hard. Fearless. Regret Nothing.”

For those who follow World Wrestling Entertainment, they should be familiar with the above motto. It belongs to John Cena.

Having a chat with Nes-Nes, you would clearly strike the similarities between the two. Nes-Nes has no regrets as he believes everything happens for a reason.

“There’s nothing I regret or wish did not happen. Everything that has happened has made me who I am today. I love who I am and where I am now.

God is good all the time; that’s what I tell myself when things get hard sometimes.”


A message to the prospective commercial clients

(Why should the commercial world trust Nes-Nes?)

“I’m of this generation. I am the strongest bridge if you want to reach out to the youth of today. That aside, I’m a role model to many. My image is clean to the Malawian youths.” He narrates.

The slow growth of the Malawi music industry

From Nes-Nes’ observation, the Malawian music industry is being slowed by weaker government policies on music, and art in general.

He is of the view that the government should be on the forefront promoting the industry by among others, opening a government owned musical school where Malawian youths could be learning their trade there. He feels if the government can take the leading role, it could open doors for other stakeholders to assist the industry.

That aside, he feels musical artists can fully benefit from their talents if they are given their loyalties fairly from radio stations, as well as online downloads.

In addition, he has observed that Malawians in general should change their attitudes of ill-treating musicians.

“It pains me every time an international artist comes to Malawi and get paid lots of millions while a Malawian artist receives less than a million yet the latter performs more hours than the main artist.” He regrets.

His passion for the youth

“As a Malawian youth, I’m very passionate about my country, I wanna see things change for the better and I’d like to be a part of anything that can bring change in this country

His legacy

And if he retires from active music he wants his positivity life to remain in the minds of Malawians.

“I want to be remembered as an example of a very good Malawian musician. That’s why I always promote positivity in all my songs,” he said.

How can a Malawian artist uplift theirselves?

To him, he believes if Malawian artists could be saving the little they get, they could be somewhere, economically.

“A Malawian artist can fully benefit from his or her talent by investing the little money you can make from your talent and also build yourself as a brand not just an artist; People will take you for granted!” he advises.


Apart from active music, Nes-Nes has a recording studio and also runs two small scale businesses.

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