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By Violet Maluwa

She is not just super-gorgeous, but her handicraft is also amazing. Such glittering attributions are also sugar-coated by an amazing feature that she has brains too; she is a qualified Quantity Surveyor having graduated from the then University of Malawi’s Polytechnic.  

For once, forget about Sukez. Forget about VJ Ice, the Mest’s of this world. It’s a new name in town. A new name whose handiworks are a manifestation of the eye-catching features that define the beauty of the Warm heart of Africa. Above all, she is a lady.

Nelz Photography, born Nerani Nthara is an amazing force that is now growing thick wings in the country’s photography books. She has it all. The unique angles of her photographs, the scintillating lens that produce magnificent images for both indoor and outdoor sceneries, are making her one of the most sought-after photographers down BTz.


Nelz traces her genesis into the blossoming career way back when she was given a professional camera by her dad.   

By and by, she started falling in love with Prince Molson, a Nigerian fashion photographer’s artworks.

Partially, she owes her life in the photography world to Molson’ works.

“His concepts and proverb stories via photography are a complete magic that beckoned me into this field. I really got motivated that I, too, could also venture into this industry,” she recalls.

So, when the HD camera from her dad finally landed in her hands, the turning point was inevitable.

“Once I had the camera. I knew that I was now going to jump into my dream. I then started perfect my skills by acquiring some from youtube tutorials,” she revealed.

From that moment on, Nelz has never relented. She has been perfecting her technical and practical skills so as to make a mark in the country’s photography books.

The present

Today, Nelz is living her dream. Her childhood passion is now landing some bank notes inside her purse.

Unlike other photographic products, Nelz Photography is all about a depiction of real Malawian identity courtesy of honest narratives of complexity, beauty and culture.

A professional Quantity surveyor, Nerani is currently multi-tasking; combining her artworks with her fashion designing among others.

Besides her busy schedule, Nthara also runs an NGO called Thomson the Great which supports orphans in Ndirande, Blantyre.

A lone ranger in a male dominated field?

It is a fact that the local photography world is heavily controlled by males. To Nerani, the status quo is her added advantage as she becomes more unique hence easier to break through.

From her observation, most of her female counterparts develop shivers at the sight of males in this industry hence are too shy to join.

“Many females are afraid of doing photography just because many think it is a male dominated field more especially here in Malawi,” she observes.

Out of such adversity, Nelz has found become some overnight inspiration to many.

“My virtue of being a female in this industry inspires both males and females. My fellow ladies get motivated that they too can break the sex barriers. In the same way, other males who were looking down upon themselves get motivated to push theirselves beyond their pre-conceived capabilities,” she says.  

Lesson to budding photographers

Youthful Nthara believes that anybody can make it in life, if they can aim at improving their works day in day out.

According to her, complacency has been the major drawback to up and coming photographers.

“Nobody ever makes it if they are too satisfied with their work. We need to keep on upping our games and also learning from our previous mistakes,” she advises.

Below are some of the products of her lens



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