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Neema’s Beauty bar. This is the haven that has been transforming the outlook of most make up die-hards locally. From local celebrities, uptown citizens, classic chics…The ‘bar’ is simply irresistible to many. It is the talk of the town.

Proudly owned by one energetic youthful entrepreneur, Neema Omega Kaimila, Neema’s Beauty Bar has a rather scintillating history. How Neema put all that to make what the bar is today, is nothing but a symbol of hardworking and ability of following one’s passion.

Let’s take you back, way back when Neema was just a young girl. She used to be observing how her mum was struggling with some skin ailment. Over the years, she constantly sought the help of natural remedies so as to ease the pain she was experiencing. That was a common sight in the life of the-then young Neema.

Her mum’s predicament kept Neema thinking, for hers was a curious and problem-solving mind. What if??? This was the question that was later to determine the career path of the-then Neema.

As she was growing up, seeing her mother trying the abcdes of the natural remedies of skin allergies, Neema thought if there was a solution to the former’s skin allergies, and if she could be the solution. Such a curiosity got the better of her that soon after her high school, she went ahead and pursued a career in Beauty and Aesthetic so as to boost her arsenal in readiness for her future, then.

“I was really feeling sorry for my mum. With time however, I felt I could utilize such a scenario to my advantage. Offering solutions to real life problems. That’s how I started developing serious interest in this field,” she recalls.

So, along the way, she started researching the nitty-gritties of this industry. Google, and other sources of literature became her close buddies.

“I used to be studying a lot. I had to know what this field really entails. I knew it was an untapped ‘business’ right here in Malawi, so I had to be sure of the direction I was to venture into,” she reveals.

Having completed her studies down South (Republic of South Africa), Neema felt the best contribution she could make to her MotherLand was to launch her business enterprise back home.

“I noted that there was a gap here in Malawi. Back then, even currently, we’ve very few professional beauticians. So, I felt I had to do this noble service in my home land,” Neema said.

So, upon landing home six years ago, Neema went into a soul-searching journey which so her working in various beauty parlours. To her, she was still understudying the industry.

Having filled her knowledge beam to the tip, and out of her passion for the profession, Neema finally gave birth to Neema’s Beauty Bar at the heart of Lilongwe.

“Lilongwe is the epicenter of Malawi. Establishing a business enterprise here means having a variety of people from all corners of Malawi,” she reveals.

Her early years as a sole proprietor saw a relatively sizeable clientele patronizing Neema’s Beauty Bar.

But with time, the ‘gospel’ started spreading to all corners of Malawi. Neema’s Beauty Bar became the talk of the town. Her finesse in beautifying her clients’ faces, and nails made her lure multitude of clientele.

“As a business person, and looking at the nature of my business, I knew it was but a matter of time before I could break through the market. My secret has always been so simple; delivering beyond the expectation of my clients,” she reveals.

Positive feedback

For every business enterprise, customer feedback is key to forging forward with one’s enterprise. Neema’s Beauty Bar has so far been positively satisfying its clientele.

One Angelic Sitch, a Lilongwe resident and now a passionate client for Neema’s Beauty Bar, says the parlour is a haven for make-up die-hards.

She says the first time she was introduced to Neema’s Beauty Bar was the last day she also bid goodbye to her previous similar service providers.

“I was introduced to ‘The Bar’ mid last year by some close friend. Since then, I’ve never been to another beauty parlour. This is the right place for me and anybody who wants professionally coined make ups,” she praised.

Another satisfied client, Chisomo Mhango says Neema’s Beauty Bar has been solving her skin problems over the years.

“I have some skin allergies. Unfortunately, I’m a make-up addict. The previous make-up artists who used to be attending to me weren’t doing exactly what I’d wanted. Thanks to Neema’s Beauty Bar, I can now breathe a sigh of relief, “she appreciates.

The future

Neema is ambitious. Currently her dream is to open a Beauty/ Make Up school so as to assist all aspirants have readily available sources of knowledge.

That is not all. It is also Neema’s dream to see Neema’s Beauty Bar becoming a franchise so people from all walks of life can easily access her services.

 “I want to make a platform where every person wishing to have these services can easily access them than is the case currently,” she highlighted.  

The beauty of being a beautician

There is nothing more rewarding than commercializing your talent and passion. Neema has always been fascinated with Make-ups. So, venturing into this industry has really been rewarding to her as she is just perpetuating a recurring passion.

That is not all. Being in this industry has assisted her to interact with a variety of people from all walks of life.

“It’s so interesting since I’m able to interact with different people and the creativity that comes with it at different levels makes me grow more mature.” She attests.

 Take home message

“Fellow youths, relax and don’t sweat for the small things you see.  Just work hard but don’t forget to enjoy life because it’s too short you might wake up one day and realize  you haven’t been living life but wasting it out.” She advises.

  • Business location: Area 18 A behind People’s Super Market (Lilongwe)
  • Facebook: Neema’s Beauty Bar



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