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By Gibson C Kamanga

Dust is refusing to settle at Mzuzu University’s entertainment ‘department’ with fresh news emerging that the co-organizers of the 20th April UMP party have duped the DJ of the night, Subwoofer of eighty thousand Kwacha.

According to DJ Subwoofer, real name, Tyson Mgemezulu, a familiar face on the deck in most of the university’s entertainment activities, UMP’s representative, a guy named “Finto” is playing hide and seek from honouring the pre-agreed monies.

From the WhatsApp conversation in our custody, Finto had reached an agreement with Subwoofer the amount of K90,000 (ninety thousand Kwacha). The monies were to foot for the service fee, hiring the PA system and also the transportation of the PA system.

At the onset of the agreement, Tyson texted his normal charges.

“OK, my normal charge is 120 (thousand kwacha). After having negotiation with Millz (the ousted Entertainment Director) we agreed at 90,000 (Malawi Kwacha). That includes transportation and a free genset,” reasoned Subwoofer.

Finto had attempted for a further discount but his moves hit a blank wall….and then a compromise was reached.

“Can’t we come to 85 gz bro (thousand Kwacha). Actually, we wanted to cancel it, but we still pushing through,” pleaded he.

Subwoofer had stood his grounds on his 90 thousand Kwacha price tag to which both parties reached an agreement.

The conversation that followed was that Finto was to make a partial payment as standard procedure. He did not.

Come 20th of April, all was set. Subwoofer was to be on the deck. And on the deck he was. One after another, up and coming artists rocked the stage.

The turn of the main headliners was also awesome. DNA came and delivered. So too was Bucci, and finally the main man himself, Malinga Mafia.

By exactly 2:00 AM, Malinga Mafia bid the ecstatic crowd goodbye, signifying the end of the concert. That was also the time DJ Subwoofer was supposed to be smiling all the way to the bank, having successfully hosted the artists. But it was not to be.

When Subwoofer approached Finto for his dues, the latter started dilly-dallying. He told the DJ to wait for him to drop off the artists.

Subwoofer insisted he be given his dues for it was already at awkward hours and could not have waited any further.

Finto responded by calming down the unsuspecting DJ with a meager K10,000 to ferry his PA equipment back to its base, hoodwinking the unsuspecting youngster that he (Finto) was to foot the remainder of the monies once he gets back to his base, Lilongwe.

That was also proved to be the last that DJ Subwoofer was to see Finto, for the following days, he started ignoring the DJ’s text messages, let alone phone calls.

The crookish that was in Finto

The following morning, Sunday the 21st of April 2019, at around 10:14 Hours, Subwoofer texted Finto, reminding him of the dues being owed.

“..Ok, I hope there will be some good news.” Texted Subwoofer.

The good news he was referring to was the 80 thousand Kwacha he was being owed.

Finto responded, “Give me some time.”

“How long should that be?” quizzed Subwoofer.

At 10:18 AM, Finto made a bold claim, “Am mobilizing cash.”

Mobilizing he did (sic). No cash was deposited.

22 April came, and went. So too was the 23rd. still, there was no “good news” that Subwoofer could smile about.

On the 23rd, and on the 26th, of April, Subwoofer’s attempted to initiate a conversation with Finto proved futile as the latter could not return the WhatsApp text messages the former was sending.

Then on the same day, the 26th of April, Subwoofer made a plea, “Am Subwoofer, ndangoona ziii for a week, my boss has never trusted me. Wanna know kuti zili pati.”

Finto texted back, “Will talk over the weekend.”

That was to be the end Subwoofer was to have a chat with Finto as it appeared, the former was blocked. That included the phone calls as well.

Efforts to talk to Finto proved futile as our texts went unanswered despite his showing an “online” status via WhatsApp.

Now, it is two weeks since the show took place and DJ Subwoofer, despite displaying a gigantic service is yet to get his dues.

What will he tell his bosses? Will his bosses ever trust him again?

Subwoofer is just a young boy who is using his part time DJaaying job to carter for his jobless mother and siblings. He is his family’s breadwinner via the very same DJaaying he has been duped of.

Is this how we mug youngsters who are hustling to make ends meet?

If you were in DJ Subwoofer’s shoes, what would you do? 



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