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(Tell-tale of a Creative Director: HAGO)

Q & A by Langson Kalua Junior

Filmmaking is one of the professions that has uplifted the Arts and Entertainment industry locally. There are creative ladies and gentlemen who are working day and night visually painting the life we are living in motion pictures.

Interestingly, the field is also full of energetic young Malawians who are geared to putting M-dubz on the map. One of such scintillating youngsters is Hugo, real name Hastings Golosi, the proprietor for HD Plus Creations, one of the most sought-after multi-media production companies.

In this extract with EM’s Langson Kalua Junior, Hago narrates his journey and what it takes to make it, just like him.

How did you venture into this profession?

My journey started as a stage drama actor during my Sunday school days at my church. My acting skills became better when I went to secondary school where ATEM competitions were one of my best times. Thanks to Trupego Chisiza who equipped me with directing skills.

During my University days at the Malawi Polytechnic, my directing and producing skills got into shape. As a passionate filmmaker, I started producing short films on the campus and later started producing music videos.

What is filmmaking all about?

Films is one of the most powerful communication tools we (human beings) have ever developed so far.  I believe that some films do affect our society by expanding our knowledge of history and culture. Some movies are like history lessons to the viewers since they show real life past events. Films influence us on every lifestyle. Here in Malawi, films and video documentaries have created awareness about the importance of education, art, politics and also warned us about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and other criminal activities.

In addition, films make our imaginations run wild. Against this backdrop, however, we must not forget that more than anything- a film is a hugely an entertaining medium, and allows us- briefly- to escape our lives and venture somewhere else. That, in essence, is the true attraction.

Where did you get the motivation?

It’s a passion, nothing else. I made a choice to be a full-time entrepreneur when I was in my first year at college but I’d no idea this was going to be my destination. I am a story teller. I like telling stories and I wanted to be part of Malawians who tell stories creatively through the camera lens. Seven years ago, yes, there was television content that lacked some creativity in our Televisions stations and we wanted to spice up a bit and I am glad we did it.

From the start what have you achieved in this profession so far?

I believe I am a new breed that uses entrepreneurial values and approaches to solve major sustainability problem.

Currently, running a videography company, that is working with local and international organizations in different projects for a social change I feel is more than an achievement.

I also co-founded HD Plus Creations that has so far produced music videos, short films and documentary films about poverty reduction, girl’s empowerment, youth-entrepreneurship, climate change and agriculture. 

Despite not attaining formal training in filmmaking, we have created one of the top media houses in Malawi and not just employing young people but also equipping about 500 youths in videography skills.

Our vision is to be African leaders in media industry.  Now, we are working on our debut feature film called FATSANI. We are sure that once this film is released, our industry will never be the same.

Few days ago, I was humbled to join the rest of African filmmakers to tell the Africa Story through DSTV Africa. I had shared my Insights about my inspiration in storytelling and how I am proud to be an African story teller through the camera lens.  I thank Multichoice Malawi for the great opportunity.

Are you a full-time filmmaker?

Yes, I am. I Working as a creative Director at HD plus Creations. Malawian-based company that specializes in video production, media consultancy and advertising.

Any likely challenges in this industry?

I remember during our early days in this industry, it was a hustle to penetrate the market. As people who have never been in a formal business set up before, very few people believed in us but I thank GOD, we made it through.

One of the major issues that is affecting our industry is the support arts gets from the government and other stakeholders. We have so much talent but we need a platform to nurture us. Our neighboring countries have all the support that’s why it’s very easy for them to make it.

To an aspiring youth, what would you tell them about this profession?

Becoming a film maker is all about passion. Yes, we have film schools but with passion, you can learn yourself.  The easiest thing in life is setting up goals. You don’t need capital or connections. Goal-setting is the first step in turning the invisible into visible irrespective of your background. There is power in imagination. Imagine what you will be come in the next five or ten years and enact your ideas now.

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