“Ex- makes the sex great” – Notorious B.I.G

By Chifundo Zingunde

It’s my book, my personal diary, the main reason why am  swimming in the lake of imaginations and flashbacks, 100% honest to my beloved one and my only Diary. If this attracts your eyes , you’re just one lucky soul set to admire my fragile love world, but I only keep this for my best friend, my diary.

Today, 25th of August 2019, dear Diary,  I want to tell you about “Nana”, –  my first girlfriend. Nana was  always on point, dark in complexion not that tall but most importantly sweet faced in angels line of light , forgive me! Even words cannot proficiently onion booty body, that’s Nana my first love.

Dear diary, if I had a chance to reverse time,  the Only best thing I would wish to call it back is that single day, we paraded the just married moments, the young love birds walking, hands locked in the other side of Area 6, in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

The language of the lips pounced every single eye contact. Back then in 2013 selfie pictures didn’t matter that much, with Mtolo 30 and deep night TNM yanga phone calls were enough to cement our romance.

The world was ours, love flourished up and wide the Mama earth. We were both in love, Nana was that type of girlfriend who would tell you right away “I feel safe when you kiss me”! So yeaaah, I was her Amor. Anyway nobody hates his or her hobbies; she was my hobby, like Mary-Jane I became addicted to her.

We played, she was my lover and my best friend too. The green tree was an admiration , that reminds me,  this other time when “Oliva” by D’Banj was a hit , I would sing my heart out :

       “I like Nana, because she so beautiful ooooooh! Hahahaha! That was then, the rest is history, That’s a prologue to my love world.

Dear Diary, I hate narrating the end of our love story with  this special beautiful soul. Let’s skip it for that happy day, maybe my pen will dance shaku shaku on the paper or my fingers would perfect the gwara gwara dance on a keyboard, contact was lost! Nana was gone.

Fast forward 2019,  My heart still beats for Nana , I try to act normal each time we meet , but deep down my torn heart, I  hate the fact that I can’t call her mine .

I keep asking myself:

    “Why do I still love Nana?”

 Dear diary, let me sum up the reasons, but wait! Am told she is taken, worse still she seem to be happy, arrrgggh!  That’s the only thing I have ever hated about her, and I hate myself that I feel unmoved with the feeling of falling in love with her. I still love the way I love her, like a fresh crush I can’t even lock eyes with her.

Forget about the reasons I was about to sum up. Dear, give me time I will get back to you, the huge feeling of loving Nana has disturbed my focus, but maybe this piece finds her. See what you have done to me Nana!

Until next time dear diary let me punch the full stop.



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