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  • Double standards in the national teams’ recruitment of technical panels
  • Wake up from your deep slumber! TNM Super league clubs

By Gibson C Kamanga

News that RVG, the man entrusted with shaping our footballing standards had made some appointments to man various national soccer teams, has been received with mixed reactions from us, members of from the Terraces.

For a start, our junior national teams really need experienced heads who have both the theoretical, practical, and indeed impeccable know-how of the game. That’s a sure way of improving our country’s soccer.

That was why the country’s soccer governing body, as per FIFA instructions, ordered all super league teams to have coaches who have a certain minimum coaching license; CAF C. This was the first major step into achieving our dream; the dream of a better football in Malawi. All teams obliged. Well, except the national team.

The qualification of some of the men RVG has entrusted to either man our various national teams or backroom staff of our senior national team leave a lot to be desired. Apart from lacking the said minimum qualification, some have a proven track record as failures in their duties as coaches of clubs elsewhere. If they have been failing in their respective clubs, what’s the probability of their failure on the national stage? Only RVG knows why they have been recruited. Maybe some of us From the Terraces, are just thinking too much.

Anyway, let’s give them the benefit of doubt. Maybe Bwana RVG and the country’s FA know better than us!


Tic! Toc! Tic toc! That’s a reminder that we are less than a month into the new month of April; the month in which 2018 TNM super league season commences. As some teams are busy running up and down, testing their arsenal, others are still in their bedrooms, enjoying their ‘honeymoons’.

What in the world are they waiting for? Wasn’t this the right time to be having litmus tests for their acquisitions? With less than a month into the new season, how are the technical panels of such teams going to manage identifying their best eleven? Isn’t this a recipe for disaster?

In another league, during a period like this, teams could have been in the thick of things having meaningful friendlies. Thank heavens, this is Malawi! we bend it our own way.



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