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Hey hey hey!! Before you judge the contents of this article, may you kindly go through it please!!! 

You see, the difference between a noble human being from ‘otherwises’ is their (former’s) willingness to challenge their knowledge. So, the choice is yours; are you gonna challenge what you earlier on held to be laboratory truth, or are you gonna be party to the ‘otherwises’?

Let’s see!

Martha, 23 years old 2020

My mom used to beat me with a stick every time I came home late. By then, I was in form 4, preparing for my Mock examinations. She would say, during her time, she ate and went to her room to study, she would memories the formulas, the intricated details of chemistry she would solve mathematics, she would not sleep until she solved and understood how to solve the most difficult of question in mathematics and chemistry. It’s with such determination that she made it, and so she told me to do the same. I found out later that I was an accident, anaphulisidwa and akwawo anakatula masten anga kwa madala, za chemisty panalibe.

Peter, 28 years Old

My dad told me I was a fool to marry the first chick that I dated. He said you need to know the woman before you decide to marry. He suggested I should’ve dated for atleast a year, know her better, am still not sure whether he meant knowing her in the biblical terms or just knowing her. And so, he refused to attend my wedding.

Guess what? Turns out my dad analitu mboba, he had 3 chicks at the time just before he married, and he had known them all, in the biblical sense, and did that in three months. Eventually, he had known them all, but one of the women he knew, became known biblically by someone else, that hurt him a lot, so he went and beat up the guy, and with anger, he began to like the woman then love the woman, then I was born. I’am not sure if he’s my dad or not. But he says zibwenzi ayi, uzamalize kaye sukulu, ndeno uzapeze mkazi m’modzi.

Maria, 25 year old

My mom was very strict. She used to tell me “samala ndi amuna, uzapeze wako oti azakukonda ndipo nawe uzamukonde. Amuna ambili amakhala ndi tizibwenzi, koma iweyo be smart, always check his story, attend to him, make sure he finds no excuse to lie to you, and don’t ever date amuna okwatilawa, sizimayenda, my daughter, find your own man.” I say this guys, because my mom has been waiting for her boyfriend to leave his wife for 18 years now, and there are three of us, my mom, my younger brother and me.

Brian, 17 years old

My dad is a good guy, he tells me that alcohol is bad, that in his days he never tasted alcohol. That he just went outings to chill, but he always carried his notes to read when his friends got too drunk, and slept. I’m typing after I’ve carried him to his bed because he’s too drunk to walk.

My story ends there!



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