Dumped baby



By Chifundo Zingunde.

-Fear less; regret nothing-

John Cena

We all have made mistakes in life. That’s part of human nature. We are currently living in a world of could-haves and should-haves, but let’s not embrace regrets. Let’s learn to not only be responsible for our actions but also accept our mistakes and move on. That’s what a fully-fledged human being does.

Why I’m I bringing up this issue? There is a tendency in our so called God-fearing nation, of dumping one’s own fruits from both boys and girls. Labeling such idiots as men, or women would be so misleading as real men, and real women can’t do such an archaic act.

Imagine some girls waiting for nine months, carrying their fruit only to ditch it once it kisses the earth. Is this humane? Why keeping the pregnancy in the first place? Murderers! These kind of people don’t deserve a place on our mother Malawi. Oftentimes, these evil doers back theirselves that they weren’t ready for the kid. Why having unprotected sex in the first place? Some justifications are just ridiculous.

Where’s the love for humanity if one dumps their own fruit? My thoughts are with the children who are dumped together with their mothers, only for their fathers to live a luxurious life while they run away from their responsibility of raising their own blood. Cowards! You don’t deserve mercy from The Most High; that is if you believe, of which I doubt.

Who knows that little child might have been another Luca Modric, or another Saulos Chilima, Lil Wayne…you name it! You might not like the mother but don’t let the child suffer the sins of the mother. He or she is pure hence a victim of your stupidity. Yes! You heard me right. Your stupidity.

Dumping a child, reveals your weakness, inhumanity and insanity and other related adjectives to describe your being. You are worse than ISIS fighters, worse than dog sh!t. There is no way the end can justify the means in this way. Making your own child an orphan while you’re still alive is so pathetic. No god or God would bless such a soul that is if you have a soul! Shame!

Mind you, it is the same child that carries the future of the nations. You might not only dump the child but also dump a generation at large. Running away from your responsibility, Siudolo!

#Am home, Now, come beat me!



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