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By Love T Msoso, and Gibson C Kamanga.

“Wine tastes better with age” so goes the maxim. The adage appears to be applicable to Miss Malawi Cape Town event which, officially is staged on the boxing day of every year. From the vantage point, the festivity, which has come to be a symbol of the Warm heart of Africa to foreign nationals in South Africa, is setting a new milestone each year since its inception in 2014. 2017 was no exception.

26th December 2017 saw the MMCT crown going to its rightful place, onto the head of 22-year-old Management College of Southern Africa University student, Isabel Tiwonge Banda.

After five competitive categories, the introductory parade, casual wear, traditional, office, and then the evening wear, and out of the 13 contestants, it was Queen Isabel who convinced the four judges that the crown was indeed to be hers.

By the end of it all, it was all smiles for Isabel.

“The event was absolutely amazing! From the layout of the event, to the amazing crowd who cheered all the contestants, to the dazzling audience who dressed to kill. Overall, the atmosphere was phenomenal.” She recalls.

Isabel Tiwonge Banda, Miss Malawi Cape Town 2017

But what has been the learning moments?

“I must say the MCees, Lillian and Jordan were great entertainers; the artists who had performed made the event extremely fun and enjoyable, and lastly the judges voted fairly in terms of choosing the top 5 and finishing it off with mature questions.” She said.

To the first Princess, Delia Nthara, the event was “Good and exciting”. To her, the triumph marked the genesis of a next milestone in her life.

“I’d great time experiencing Miss Malawi Cape Town for the first time and I’m hoping that modelling will now be my other next destination,” she highlighted.

First Princess, Delia Nthara

Second princess, Lusubilo Munde said the gala was nothing but exciting.

“Everything was perfect for me. It’s really nice and fun. I’m glad I made it this far,” she said.

Second princess, Lusubilo Munde

On his part, Thoko Kuwali, Director for Nyasa Events, the brains behind MMCT event said this year was another landmark as it had gone against his earlier expectations.

“I’m over the moon about this year’s event. Much as I had wanted to do what I did in 2016 (to work with fellow event companies), but it never happened and to me it was a blessing in disguise because I made it on my own and it was a success in all angles.” He explained.

Thoko Kuwali, with his kids

So what made 2017’s gala so special?

Kuwali will tell you in the face that so much occurrences made this gala glitzy. As he recalls, since 2014, 2017’s event was another year in which recruiting models for the event was relatively easier.

“This is the second Miss Malawi Cape Town event where registering girls was easy. In 2014 and in 2017. I was listening to my mind.“ He reminisced.

That was not all. Surprise packages were also on the cards. For example, the judges selected the best dressed lady from the audience who walked away with 500 Rands.

But perhaps it was the musical performances that dazzled the audience and colourfully spiced up the aura.

Two notable homeland representatives, Tombo K, the only female Malawian Cape Town-based urban artist, and Mosh P were the notable stage shakers who rocked the afternoon.

So stunning were the two that the later was voted as the best live performance act and won his-self a free music recording session with Space sound studios.

And that was not all; glittery performances by the guest artist, South African Angela “The Queen” Stuurman left many mouths agape! She was in a class of her own.

Such was the gala called Miss Malawi Cape Town the 2017 version.

Grey areas

Although this was the case, Kuwali observed some grey areas that Nyasa Events need to address in the forthcoming galas to make MMCT even much better. He is of the view that having other corporate partners to assist his firm would go a long way in achieving his dream.

“I need people to come forward and agree to push the event forward. Let’s all come together and make someone’s dream come true. I may have keys to set the ball rolling but I won’t have the keys to score. I asked the audience. So we will see who will come forward. And I will push for a sponsor as well,” he elucidated.

Such an observation has also been shared by Queen Isabel, the newly crowned beauty.

“We need more sponsors on board as well as more exposure on various media platforms. In that way, I feel the event can be globally known. To me, I see a very big potential of this event soaring higher than is the case currently,” she predicted.

Such a lack of more sponsors is perhaps why second princess, Lusubilo joked that next time the take-home package for the winning trio should be increased.

“Everything was perfect for me….if anything, they can just increase the prizes a little,” she chuckled.

The future

Miss Malawi Cape Town 2017 came, and now the dust is settling. But for 22-year-old Queen, Isabel, this marks the entry into various charitable works to the less privileged both in Cape Town, and in the motherland.

Isabel is planning big.

“I’d like to give back to the community of which I will be targeting orphans and women as this is something I am strongly touched and passionate about.” She promised.

That aside, Isabel would like to get in touch with her equal version of the warm heart of Africa.

“I’d like to get in touch with the current Miss Malawi (Cecilia Khofi) to help give back to the community in Malawi by getting sponsors in Cape Town to help fund the drive I would like to initiate, targeting disadvantage children in schools.” She revealed.

Personally, Isabel is thankful that her new social status would boost her chances of ascending higher in the echelons of modelling industry.

“I’ll use my status as MMCT 2017 to build my portfolio to start marketing myself to modeling agencies,” she said.

Above all, Isabel plans to assist Kuwali in grooming prospective models in 2018’s event so as to make the gala even more colorful.

By emerging victorious, Isabel went home with 3000 Rands, a 500 Rand voucher for Pedi and Manicure at House of Panash, and also a Make-up hamper from Trevo Marketing Manager Speckla Jones.

Delia went home with 1000 Rand plus a 500 Rand shopping voucher, whilst Lusubilo went home smiling with 1000 Rands.

Miss Malawi Cape Town has been in operation since 2014. Thoko Kuwali, through his Nyasa Events has been organizing this event to market Malawian culture to the outside world. Apart from the beauty pageant, various Malawian cultural displays are always part of the celebration.

Below are some of the photos for Miss Malawi Cape Town 2017.

MMCT | Artist, Tombo (in black ) in action

MMCT | RSA’s Artist, Angela stuurman in action

Miss Malawi Cape Town | contestants

Isabel, Miss Malawi Cape Town

MMCT ; Mosh P in action

Isabel, Miss Malawi Cape Town

Isabel, Miss Malawi Cape Town

Isabel, Miss Malawi Cape Town

First Princess, Delia Nthara

First Princess, Delia Nthara



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