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By Philes Davis

“Just start” Yes! “Start badly, start wrongly…. But just start…” That, fellow Boss Ladies is the piece of advice one miraculous Boss Lady, Miracle Chembezi Chiumia would tell you as her best secret to her rise to stardom.

Enterprising Miracle is no ordinary lady. She has a unique way of making a fortune; she sells second hand clothes. Of course, not just every second-hand clothes, but exquisite used clothes together with other first class clothings in the likes of shoes, handbags, make ups, and sprays.

Her shop, Sparkle Fashions is at the heart of the evergreen city, Mzuzu. Unlike other shops, Sparkle Fashions is strictly for females only.

Typical of visionary entrepreneurs, Miracle’s passion developed out of her fantasies; observations. The more she set her feet unto various second-hand shops, the wiser she was becoming. She was evolving a third eye on how she was seeing the whole set up.

“I felt it (the second hand clothes) could look good if I design it and put it in a shop, it just needed some midas touches,” she recalls.

Miracle Chembezi Chiumia (Right)

To many a reader, the mere mention of second hand clothes may automatically put you off…that would be the greatest mistake you could ever make for Sparkle Fashions is no ordinary second hand shop; it is a ship par excellence. There is quality in her shop. Inexpensive but super-gorgeous.

So, for two years, Miracle has been trending, and growing. Of course, just like any other business, there are always hurdles along the way.

“Financial hiccups along the way are always a menace to my business. In the end, this easily cripple my enterprise,” she attributes.

Source of inspiration

Miracle got her inspiration from her aunt, Agnes Chinkhota, the owner of Darwin’s Shop, another exquisite fashion shop in Mzuzu. It is through the success of Darwin’s shop that Miracle believes, also opened her doors to heaven.

That is why; cometh five years from now, Miracle is seeing herself elevated on the country’s entrepreneurial ladder.

“I see myself as a multi-millionaire in the near future. I want to be a supplier of fashion not only in Mzuzu but the whole of Malawi.” She envisions.

Miracle Chembezi Chiumia’s shop

Message to ambitious ladies

From Miracle’s observations, a real woman needs to hassle. A real woman must not be a goal-keeper; waiting for her man to feed her.

“Fellow ladies, let’s learn and know how to make money and not wait for men or people to spoon feed us, nuh! If you have your own money you are respected and you can spoil yourself.” She advises.

Favourite quote: If you don’t quit, it shall surely come to pass… don’t be scared of those who are doing better than you. Better is relative to time and circumstances – your time will come, your circumstances will change and your days of ‘doing better’ will come.

Miracle Chembezi Chiumia



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