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By Langson kalua junior

It is a fact that videography in Malawi is more often than not synonymous with the likes of Sukez, Ron Cz, Vj Ice, Bensam,Vj Ken,Mest, Platnum et al.

These are some of the heavyweights who are making M-Dubz entertainment industry, videography relevant to who cares to watch.

It is also another fact that there is a new breed of videographers who are slowly making their way into filmdom.

One of such diligent emerging up and coming videographers is Blantyre-based multi-media producer, Viny visuals. 

Viny, real name Vincent Kamlanje is a 15-year-old music video director and motion designer signed to Ghetto Gutter Entertainment. 

Have you ever watch Eli Njuchi “Zitatu” music video or Prince musiq “Sometimes” music videos? If the answer is yes, then you can be one of those people who can tell how talented viny is. 

Starlet first picked up interest in visual production at a very tender age having been inspired by his neighbour who was a movie director, ever since Viny has always wanted to be the man behind a camera. 

“Seeing my neighbour at the time shoot and direct movies fueled the desire to wanna know more and eventually it turned into a passion.” Said Viny. 

The youngster’s dream career has seen him recognized by the Ghetto King Kong Fredokiss, signing him to his Ghetto Gutter Entertainment which is also home to some household names like The Daredevils, Episodz and 4Sight.

 “It’s an amazing feeling to be part of such a big entity with all these household names, I feel inspired and it gives me the hunger to work harder and aspire to do more.” He explained. 

Viny is a rare talent that is set to take our screens by storm in a few years and judging by his previous works, Viny is well underway to being a go-to the music video director.


Viny biggest challenge is no different to most Malawian businesses; taking advantage of each other.

“Some clients do want high-quality services at relatively lower prices.

This is so unfair to the service provider. How do they expect us to blossom if our services can’t be properly appreciated? He wonders.



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