Meet VANTING: The verbal slaughter who murders any beat


As we continue driving you into the hidden world of our urban artists, now is the turn for one of the country’s little known yet lyrically aggressive reggae artists, VANTING.

If reggae is your passion and you have never listened to a Mzuzu-Based multi-skilled artist, Vanting, then you are civilizations away from listening to good music.

Vanting is one hell of an artist who can ‘kill’ a reggae beat, and also murder rap, and trap a new school beat to leave your mouth agape; speechless.

Vanting is a brand that many a Malawian need to have on their everyday list. Thanks to Entertainment Malawi, here is a chance for you to know more about him.


  • Full name: DUMISANI CHIRWA
  • Date of Birth: 13th July 1994
  • Birthplace: Blantyre
  • How many are you in your family: 2
  • Marital status: Single
  • Home district: Mzimba
  • Location of business: Mzuzu



Dumie was born in Blantyre. However, his life has been so nomadic. In 2000, his family moved from the commercial city to Mzuzu after his parents got transferred. So Dumie stayed in Mzuzu for a couple of years before moving to his auntie’s place in Bvumbwe. Later on, he went back to Mzuzu, before going back to Blantyre.

And in 2007, he moved back to Mzuzu which is now his permanent home. Therefore, to Dumie, Mzuzu is where he grew up in terms of mental development and all sorts.


Dumie, has been raised by different individuals. It is those people who have shaped him in one way or the other.

For example, in Blantyre he used to be staying at his uncle’s house, a Mr. Chonongera. This uncle of his used to love good music; the likes of Don Williams, Bright Nkhata, Kenny Rodgers, Mlaka Maliro among others.

While in Bvumbwe, Dumie fell in love with local music such as Malume Bokosi, Charles Nsaku and many others. While in Mzuzu, the then youthful Dumie got introduced to reggae Music. However, it was not his taste by then. He just could not feel the vibe.

Bleak childhood

Whilst it was cool moving around exploring Malawi in his nomadic family, the journeys affected Dumie’s life at school.

His nomadic life saw him attending to an overall of 8 primary schools. That greatly affected his academic performance. His class performance was below par.

However, the gods were to smile at Dumie in his later years. Upon his return to Mzuzu in 2008, he got selected to Katoto Secondary School. Later, he got transferred to Euthini Secondary School, where as fate would have it, got expelled in 2011.

After that hiccup, he went to Pact North Park in Blantyre, then got transferred to Phwezi where he finished his form 4 in 2013.


Origin and meaning of his stage name

According to Dumie, Vanting is an undefined word; which means there is no way of defining it. Not even google has the meaning. But the name has meaning, to Dumie. It is him who coined it, and it is the name that defines who he is.

To him, the name Vanting defines him as someone who cannot be defined with a single character.

However, breaking the name into two; Van, and Ting, then the meaning is crystal clear. Van is a synonym for Forefront, front or lead, whilst Ting means Thing in Jamaican Patios. Now adding back, the two words in proper English, then they are giving us “forefront thing” or “Lead thing”. Does that ring a bell now? Therefore, in his own words, Vanting means leader. He is a leader who can’t be defined with a single character. As to how the name came into being, nobody knows with 100% certainty. Not even himself.

Origin of his passion in music

Being raised and surrounded by people who loved music made him fell in love with the art. He vividly recalls that in 2005, he had to change 50 cent’s P. I.M.P into a gospel song. Of course, it was super Whack. That was the genesis of his strong passion for music. From there he started writing his own songs. As expected, they were not that appetizing.

Then he met one Vitumbiko Mwafulirwa (Chronik); a rap Genius who was way ahead of Vanting, lyrically. It was his frequent encounters with Chronik that Vanting discovered his strength. He was good at singing, and not rapping. That is when he dedicated his total focus onto reggae music; the side effects of listening to too much of reggae greats in Bob Marley, Culture, and Matafale were now evident. Vanting became reggae.

However, for those who have listened to this youthful artist’s songs, Vanting is not limited to a single genre; He can work on a local beat, reggae, underground rap, trap, RnB, Rock, you name it. Of course Jazz is not part of it.

His childhood playlist

The then youthful Dumie had local music as his everyday playlist as they were so easy to source. Vic Marley, Wisdom Chitedze, San B, and LuLu were, and are still his favorite.

His childhood idols

A number of local and international artists have been some of the forces behind the modern day Vanting. The late Vic Marley made Vanting love urban Music, and the late Evasion Matafale made him love reggae.

Locally, as at present, Chronik, and High Priest are his stand out lyricists.

Internationally, Bob Marley is still his lifetime, musical genius. In new school, he goes for Chronixx.

Memorable moments

Sharing stage with some (unnamed) brilliant artists both locally and internationally is a goal of every artist, Vanting is no exceptional.

And that is not all. Having collaborations with Positive Yut, Manzy Mekka, BFF, Purple C and Cyclone, Banyabling and Cichock (Poland) are some of his memorable moments he still cherishes.

Studio sessions with his friends Chronik, High Priest, Jiddie, and Kesia have also always been some of his memorable moments.



Apart from music, Vanting is a fourth year student at the University of Livingstonia. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Social Sciences majoring in Development studies. That aside, he is also an entrepreneur (general supplying) and a farmer as well.


Vanting observes that it is a hassle to be a Malawian urban artist. Most of the artists lack exposure to the outside world, a feat he feels is making them stagnant.

That is not all. Limited resources, in terms of financial stability is hindering the growth of these talented youngsters.

Vanting has also observed that most urban artists lack identity. According to him, the industry is heavily infested with copycats. This, in the end is having serious repercussions on the future of such artists.

He therefore advises that it is high time Malawian urban artists regard their talents as an entrepreneurial endeavor.


Vanting strongly regards himself as a brand worthy partnering. He is a business person, and he means business.


It is said that the youth are the future leaders, but the future starts with today so Vanting is of the view the youth are leaders of today.

Therefore his message to the youth is so simple, “Start take leading roles today to make a better Malawi, Stop doing drugs, stay in school, work hard in everything you do. Success only comes when one is passionate about something.”


The lyrically gifted artist tells whoever cares to listen that he would like to be remembered as a skilled artist who was so unique, and was not your everyday urban artist.

In addition, he was a flexible artist who could murder any genre of music but was very lethal when it was reggae.

Above all, Vanting is, was and shall always be a patriotic Malawian.


It is his dream that one day, he shall be internationally recognized, say, five years from now.

For those who do not know, Vanting is also a stage actor. He however dreams of a career in movie acting should an opportunity pops in.



  • Mobile Phone numbers
  • 0884778571
  • 0996033083
  • Email :


  • Twitter: #vanting4
  • Instagram: #vanting1
  • Facebook: Dumi Vanting
Info. re-arranged by Gibson C. Kamanga



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