Meet TIDACASE; The hoarse voiced ghetto super-star


Tidacase is another latest urban artist to enter into the 265 Artists’ Encyclopedia. The Lilongwe-based artist has been in the rap game for some ages now. He is the ghetto. And throughout his life, he has always identified himself that way.

So, if you have no idea who Tida is, how he started his music and the like, here is your chance.


  • Birth place : Zomba
  • Home district: Balaka
  • Record label: H.O (When Hiphop Overcomes)
  • Music genre: Rap/ Hip-Hop
  • Marital status: about to be engaged
  • Business location; Lilongwe


The name TIDACASE came into existence courtesy of one of his close friends, Conformists. It was him who had coined that stage name; and it has a meaning. TIDACASE means Till I Die Am the Case.


Tidacase was born in a family of three. He is the second born and the only boy in the family.

He describes himself as an artist with a unique style of rap and most of his music is connected to the ghetto for it is from the ghetto that he has spent his childhood life. He is the ghetto.


Tidacase has spent his life in the ghettos of the Capital city.

As Tidale, his childhood was more of dances. He always focused on perfecting his dancing antics. He had a dancing crew and they used to be entertaining audiences whenever an opening arises.

However, as Tidale recalls, it was hard since most of the organizers could not let them perform as they were very young. That aside, during those days, Tidale and crew could also not patronize some entertainment centres as they (Tida) were still under-aged.

Academic journey

Tidale did his primary school studies at Lilongwe Christian Private school. Thereafter, he went to William Murray Secondary school. But due to other issues, he sat for his MSCE at New Private School.

Tidale has ever been through the corridors of tertiary studies. He studied at the Malawi College of Accountancy. But that is not all, Tidale still thinks he is going to go back to class to complete his tertiary education.

His relationship with ghetto life

Amakamba za m’ghetto// moyo wa ghetto sanauone..” (Nyambwalinyambwali)

For those who have been following Tidacase for ages, they can testify that this hoarse voiced rapper has always been identifying hisself with the ghetto.

According to him, he belongs to the ghetto. He says the ghetto is where he had spent most of his childhood years. It is from the ghettos of Area 36, Phwetekere (Lilongwe) at a place called Papa Shoody where the artistic side of Tidale was bred. At that place, most of his artistic friends banged their heads.

It was also at this joint that Tidacase got a sponsorship for his first professional song. As he reminisces, it is a place “The ghetto accepted me for who I am and they gave me full support; that’s why the ghetto is always part of me.”

The birth of Tidacase

Music has always been running in the bloodline of Tidacase’ family. His uncle, Ian Lizi, of the Mandede fame is no stranger to the music world.

Tidacase also revealed that when there was any family gathering, music could easily pop up. Even her little sis, is also and has always been a member of their church’s choir.

Back then, the then Tidacase used to be listening to a lot of Michael Jackson’s songs.

But as he grew up, as he started following serious musical path, he started looking upon Lil Wayne’s musical life for motivation. And it was through the inspiration that he used to get from Lil Wayne that he is where he is today, musically.

Just like any other professional, Tidacase has also been through ups and downs, musically. However, he still cherishes the moment he was recording and shooting a music video, USHASHAWU with Young LT as the best ever in his professional life.

The downside of his career was sometime back when he blacked out at Chancellor College’s Social Weekend whilst he was on the roster of the artists to perform on that day. He really wishes this moment could never have happened in his life.

Tidacase and the youth

If Tidacase retires from active music today, he feels the world out there should remember him as one entertainer who tried his best offering the best entertainment services a Malawian youth would have ever wanted. In addition, he assures all ghetto youths that his door is always open, should they seek his pieces of advice.

And to the ghetto youths, Tida has this piece of advice.

“Work hard; put every effort in whatever you do both at school and at your art. It’s never too late to go out there and make it when your mind is focused on your goals.” He advises.


  • Email:
  • Mobile phone number: +265996563765
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