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By: Patience N Lunda

It is a fact that not many in Malawi have an idea what image consulting services are all about. It is also a fact that many of us, upon finishing this article, will have filled that knowledge void that our brain had, courtesy of this unique business.

If image consultation is a new phenomenon unto your vocabulary, then meet Daphney Allidah Namame, a 28-year-old Blantyre-based image consultant.

Daphney is the founder and the proprietor “Your image by A.D.Henson” an intercontinental -online image consultation.

As she narrated her ordeal, image creation is more than what many think.

“Image consulting is about helping individuals or companies with their branding through fashion, personal styling (work attire) and professional etiquette. It can also be accompanied by interior decorating as this is also an aspect of image,” she explained.

Daphney Allidah Namame

Being a Jack of All trades, Daphney’s entry into this industry was not that surprising. Her passion for good life was her motivation.

“Being passionate about Psychology, Fashion & Beauty and helping people made me realize I could use them to eke a living if properly fused with something trending. That’s when I realized I had to fuse psychology with fashion and how it affects the individuals,” she reminisced

And according to this stylist, Your image by A.D.Henson is not just an ordinary image consultancy firm.

“I am a stylist for change, meaning that not only do I help people pick out clothes appropriate for them, look good in them but also help them feel good through fusing in some psychological principles. I do all these so as to assist the client with character building and identity development so that people are confident in whom they are but also the clothes they wear,” elucidated Namame.

So what’s her expectations from this year’s event?

“I am looking forward to working with Harry Kazembe. He is a great designer and definitely one that is very open minded and I am always looking forward to the creative business seminars which are richly filled with informative content very vital for the individuals aspiring to launch a career,” she said.

As Your image by A.D.Henson is growing, Daphney still feels some grey areas from her prospective clients need to be addressed if her industry is to blossom further.

“Most people still think that having a stylist was unnecessary and too costly, and others literary have no idea such a career exists.

Sources of motivation

Locally, Daphney draws her inspiration from Alinafe Misomali of ALINAFE and Rosette Corture.

On the international scene, Namibia’s Leah Misika, a fashion designer and blogger of LMLaMode is another entrepreneur whom she looks up to.

According to Daphney, Misika’s business is growing at an impressive rate.

“I have seen tremendous growth in her business in the past 2 years, which for me is very inspiring and encouraging.” She attributed.

That aside, a U-based fashion stylist, Erica Matthews is another gem that Daphney looks up to.

As Namame explains, apart from her crafty hands, Erica also has a heart for sharing.

“I love her passion for growing others in the business by mentoring them and sharing information, tips and guides that one cannot learn in the classroom.” She said.


Full Name: Daphney Allidah Namame

Age: 28

Academic Info: she holds a degree in psychology, drama and business administration obtained at the University of Namibia

Business contact details

Location of business: Blantyre (but intercontinental -online consultation)

Phone number: 0991323293


Instagram: Yourimageby_adhenson

Facebook: Your image by A.D. Henson

Twitter: @YI_byAD_Henson

A. D. Henson

Below are some of  Your image by A.D.Henson designs

Your image by A.D.Henson | Product

Your image by A.D.Henson | Product

Your image by A.D.Henson | Product



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