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Modelling in the country has recently seen an emphatic rise because people have now come to realize that it is a career which someone can make a living out of it and with the growing interest from different stakeholders to support the industry, modelling will be the next big thing in the country and become a force to reckon with in Africa.

With this regard, those who have passion in the fashion industry have been boosted to live their dream of becoming modelling and fashion giants.

In 2020, Top City Entertainment in conjunction with Gland Palace and Itel mobile company in Mzuzu organized their maiden Mr. and Miss Valentine on 15th February at Gland Palace where almost models from the green city contested to be on top of the competition.

After the judges had scrutinized the performance of all the female models they settled for one beauty phenomenon, Alice Chizungule, a beauty with brains Yes you heard me right Beauty with brains, Alice a third-year student at Mzuzu University triumphed on her debut professional performance.

“I am super excited to be crowned Mzuzu Miss Valentine 2020, I am out of words to say but believing in myself and with the help of God I have concurred it’s a dream come true and I can now proudly say that I am the happiest person on earth today,” said Alice after being announced as the Queen of Love at Gland Palace in Mzuzu.

Our reporter Duncan Kaonga caught up with this beauty queen, Reece to get to know more about her journey in the fashion industry, let’s take a ride together. 

Full Name: Alice Chizungule

Date of Birth: 16th September 1998

Place of Birth: Mtengowanthenga hospital in Dowa district.

Meaning behind your Name: My name is originated from Germany, meaning Noble/sweet.

What made you venture into the fashion Industry: The biggest motivation is myself, my interest, my confidence, my eagerness, my goals and dreams keep me going and the love and passion for fashion explain it all.

How can you describe your journey in the industry: Everything is going on well and I am making progress and it feels so good that am getting closer to my dreams.

Any plans for 2020: As a fashion model my plan for the year is to promote, display and advertise clothing and accessory brands to serve as a visual aid for people who are creating works of art. 

In addition to that will keep on working with Top City Entertainment and Gland Palace hotel as their gland ambassador for the Miss Valentine’s contest.

How do you rate the Fashion industry in the country: Modelling rate is low can give it 40%.

Reason: There are multiple chandelles no wonder modelling rate is low, people have a bad perception and underate modelling, People assume because its a beauty contest then it cannot be practised within legitimate guidelines, and integrity and that models will do whatever it takes to even go beneath there standards to sell themselves just to win, which is a complete misconception and which goes to say to what perceptions people, in general, have about women which have no respect for women and their ability to make decisions on their own and for their life and to stand for what they believe in. 

The other hiccup we face is that we don’t have much support from people and we lack sponsorship.

Education Background: I did my Primary and Secondary school at Ludzi girls.

Currently: I am studying Biomedical science at Mzuzu University, doing my third year.

Social Media handles:          

Facebook: Reece chizungule

Instagram: Alyss_iv



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