Meet KD-Z : The rare breed who Mixes talents with academic prowess


K2B-BLOCK is one of the heavy-weights in the rap business. It has been in the game for some time. It is one of the crowd pullers as far as ghetto following is concerned.

One of the core members of the group, KD-Z has some story that needs to be told. His is a story of motivation and determination. If many a Malawian youth could emulate from this energetic youthful artist, then Malawi can be a better place to be. Him, is an example of those rare breeds who combined their musical talents with academic prowess. KD-Z is proving all doubters wrong. Doubters who always forsake or discourage the youth from chasing their talents for fear of jeopardizing their future careers.

As you will go through this profile, KD-Z is not your average youngster. He is an achiever and is just showing that talent and academics can go hand in hand.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, welcome, KD-Z.


  • Birth name: Robert Kadzakumanja
  • Date of birth: 30/05/1992
  • What’s the origin of your stage name, KD-Z – it is derived from my Surname (Kadzakumanja)
  • Birthplace – Ntcheu
  • How many are you in your family: 5
  • Marital status – Single
  • Home district – Dedza
  • Record label – Hypetunes
  • Genre of music – Hip hop/Rap

KD-Z | Robert Kadzakumanja

Who is KD-Z?

Others know him by his stage name, KD-Z. Others know him as Robert. But who really is he? What does he do? Why did he venture into this music business? Well, in his words, here is how he describes himself.

“I’m a simple person, a bit shy, very ambitious and hardworking.”

Brief Life History

Robert was born in a family of five. He was raised in the populous hood of Kawale, Lilongwe. Asking him today, Robert has no regrets on how he was raised. According to him, his parents offered him the best that any child would have wished for. Mr and Mrs Kadzakumanja were never too strict on young Robert as their son was always a star performer academically, both at high school, and at tertiary level. As a result, they trusted the capabilities of their son. He was a model to other neighboring families.

Academic sojourn

Robert is not your everyday rapper. He has some ink in his brain as well. For starters, he has a life outside rap. The young Kadzakumanja is a holder of a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB Hons) obtained at Zanzibar University in 2015.

Prior to that, his academic journey indeed does speak volume of how much his parents cared for their son. Having grown up in a middle class family, he commenced his academic life at Walani Private where he did standard 1 up to standard 6. That was from 1999 up to 2004. Later on, he trekked to Bambino High School where he did Forms 1 up to 5 (2005 – 2009).

It was from Bambino High School that Robert went to pursue his tertiary education at Zanzibar University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB (Hons) in 2015.

Currently, Robert is working in his father’s law firm, ROBERT & GEORGE LAWYERS. Coincidentally, Kadzakumanja senior, Henry George, is also a legal practitioner.

Robert Kadzakumanja

The birth of KD-Z

Dear reader, do not get it twisted; there is Robert Kadzakumanja, and then there is KD-Z, the rapper.

So, KD-Z the rapper, just like any of our previous guests, has an interesting tale to tell. His came into fruition way back his high school days. It was when he was in form two that he realized he had some talents in song writing. However, he never attempted to go into the booth to record.

The following year, 2007 was the turning point as he dared to record. And recording he did. It was not that bad. It was the following track that was to change the then youthful KD-Z into some serious music king pin. Having released it, there were so many praises from both peers and teachers as well.

Later on, having sat for his examinations, it was the moment he ventured into active musical business. He started music production and beat making as well. That was also the moment he realized he had talents in beat making.

During his youthful musical career, Sisqo, and Craig David were his everyday faces on his musical playlist.

For him to be where he is musically, he used to draw inspiration from the then local rap guruz in the likes of AB, Young Kay, and the Dare Devils. These were the faces that pumped more zeal onto the then young KD-Z. It was their inspiration that pushed him through.

The K2B Block generation

To all M-Dubz Rap faithfuls, KD-Z is a well-known member of a Lilongwe based crew, K2B block. This needs no introduction at all.

Initially, KD-Z was not part of the crew. The founding members were Adah Yung Z, Blaq Kid, Georgiz, Sholigah, Luna MC, and Smack MC.

By then, KD-Z was just a mere producer for the group. After Luna got employed somewhere, he had limited time for music, and gradually he separated from the group together with Smack MC. It must be known that there was no dispute of some sort. It was out of their own will. Eventually, KD-Z started putting verses in their (Luna, and Smack) place. And that was how he became a bonafide member of the group. This was way back, around 2009.

KD-Z wishes the time, fellow crew member, Sholigah left for RSA never occurred in his life. He really was left devastated, musically.

That aside, the time K2B-Block were nominated for the MUMA Awards in 2016 as the most memorable moment ever in his life.

K2b Block

K2b as Youth Ambassadors

K2B-Block is more than just a musical grouping. It also has a touch with a Malawian youth in the ghetto. They are currently youth ambassadors for Young, Skilled & Gifted Initiative which empowers less privileged children in various government schools. Among other things, the initiative encourages the targets to work hard in schools by giving them career guidance talks and also encourage them to unveil their talents.

A Look at M-Dubz Urban Music

Having been in the game for some time now, KD-Z is of the view that local urban artists should learn to put a price tag on their art. No free things. Him is of the school of thought that local artists should learn to understand that music is a business. As such, Entertainment has to be paid for by whoever is being entertained. Unless this is done, KD-Z feels artists will never be able to earn a living from their art.

The drawbacks

Much as there has been strides in the M-Dubz urban music circles, KD-Z still feels the platform is still wanting in a number of areas.

Firstly, lacking professional recording companies (at least to the standard of our counterparts like RSA and USA) means artists will never fully reap the sweats of their talents.

That aside, he feels upcoming artists are still facing hurdles to promote their music on their own. and to promote music on your own is not an easy thing. In the world of KD-Z, this is the greatest challenge for upcoming artists locally.

A message to the corporate world

You want to reach out to the communities via music? K2B Block is just at your fingertips. Wonder why? KD-Z has the answer.

“K2B Block has a huge fanbase ranging from 5 year olds to people with grey hair.”

The inner KD-Z (away from music)

KD-Z is one of those souls that believe in pumping in extra effort so as to realize one’s dreams. To the youth out there, borrow a leaf from this energetic young artist.

Here is his life philosophy, “Work hard for whatever you desire. Nothing comes on a silver platter,” he advises.

And to him, he feels he is going to leave a legacy worthy emulating once he puts down his tools. He would like to be remembered as one youthful artist who proved to the world that when talent is mixed with passion, you can get a master piece. Combining office works and his childhood passion, music, has been an easy meal for him. That, is exactly what he wants the world out there to emulate from.

“I want them to remember me for being able to combine work and music without any difficulties. I want them to know that these two can be combined.” He advises.

Robert Kadzakumanja

His vision

It has always been his dream to up his musical side of life. This is why he is dreaming of owning a world class recording studio where revered international artists could be coming and record their session there.

The funny side of KD-Z

KD-Z is one hell of a funny character at times. He is very adept at imitating how people speak.

He can literary mimic your voice. Once you meet him, give him a trial. You are going to laugh your lungs out!


  • Email :
  • Mobile phone numbers: +265999 382 800 / +265883 566 142
  • Postal Address: Robert & George Lawyers, P.O. Box 2117, Lilongwe
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