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  • Premieres a movie, Fish on 2nd June 2018

By Franco Mwachande Jnr.

Khama Mbaula, the guy who is becoming a darling to many in video production and directing in the country is at it again…and as usual, another masterpiece is in the offing.

Come June 2, 2018, all avid video fanatics will set their eyes unto MADSCOC Little Theatre Hall in Lilongwe where Mbaula’s Afritrix Pictures Productions will be premiering their newest movie, Fish.

Fish, according to Mbaula, is a short movie which depicts real life experiences of victims of sexual abuse, and gender-based violence in Malawi. It reflects how some cultural norms locally perpetuates the said two vices.

“On the surface, it’s about an uncle who is a (Fisherman) and having problems in catching fish. But, underneath it’s about culture which gives uncles more controls over nieces than the married couples themselves,” he reveals.

Khama is no stranger to producing some masterclass motion pictures. A couple of years ago, he also shook the country’s motion picture industry with his two creations, Moyo Wathu, and Letters from the future TV series.

Quality-wise, Fish and the previously released productions may be somehow similar, but that ends there. Mbaula has a clarification.

“The difference between Fish and my other productions is that Fish is a short film which means that it will look like a movie while Moyo Wathu and Letters from the future are TV series which follow the different styles of production, therefore watching the former shall feel like you are watching a movie,” he clarified.

Behind the scenes

In the project, Khama has collaborated with another genius in his own right, Isaac Mafuel. The former is optimistic that their ‘marriage’ will bring new era of motion pictures in the country.

“It is our wish to have high quality production going out to fans. Khama is a great genius who will take the film industry to greater heights. Apart from being my director in the film, he is a great friend and our greatest debates are to up with the best productions,” he said.

Minus Mafuel, the movie has also roped in Desire Mtawali, Edwin Chonde, Enoch Robert Phiri, and Lisa Banda as part of the cast.

So come the 2nd of June 2018, the audience at MADSCOC Little Theatre will have more than just the premiering of the movie. There is also going to be a story-telling session from Chancellor College Theatre and Drama graduates, Raymond Khesi, and Roselyn Dzanja.

According to the information that EM has, the stories will range from gender, abuse, sexual violence patriarchy, and male chauvinism among others.

Khama Mbaula officially entered the local film industry in 2011. He started trading under the name Excellent Entertainment before rebranding to AFRITRIX Pictures in 2012.

He has also worked on a number of projects like documentaries, music videos, corporate videos and cinematic wedding films.



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