Marry your Smart phone or me

The SeXy DiVa

By Philes Davis

Show the SExy Diva one broken relationship and she’s gonna show you a Smartphone. Of course it’s common knowledge that these gadgets have positively uplifted the status of humankind in various spheres of life…too many to mention.

On a rather sad note however, smartphones have also been the chief contributors to the demise of various relationships. Hard to swallow but the truth of the matter is that a larger percentage of broken relationships are in one way or the other, a result of Smartphone. In all earnest, despite their positivities, smartphones possess the potential of killing off a relationship in minutes if poorly handles. Wondering how? Be my guest!

  • Smartphones kill romantic moments’ vibes

Oftentimes, most of The Sexy Diva’s ladies folk is busy WhatsApping, Facebooking and what have you instead of taking care of their Prince Charmings. The time such ladies spent on the social media is also the time your man may be in dire need of your services. In such scenarios, what do you expect your man to do?    

  • Smartphones are a podium for divided attention

Instead of entirely dedicating the time to your man, you are busy diving the time with your smartphone. Equally disheartening is that Mr Smartphone always commands a lion’s share at the expense of your hard-earned man. Much as your handset is important to your everyday survival, but your man shouldn’t play second fiddle to a non-living thing. No way! That’s an abomination of the highest order. Your partner has feelings. He does get hurt. And hell hath no fury than a frustrated Prince Charmer.  Once he ditches you, don’t cry eye water.

  • Smartphones are breaking the bond between love birds

Since most of us are valuing our Smartphones more than our dear other halves, we’re creating an environment in which real love is no longer existing; rather cosmetic camaraderie is the order of the day. Slowly, true love is losing its meaning as Smartphones are taking over everything. Gone are the days when you could see lovebirds truly attending to each other. Now, it’s My Smartphone first, everything else later” kinda situation. Too bad!

  • They’re making baby boos feel worthless

Due to the three aforementioned side effects, most dudes are feeling worthless and are no longer becoming as committed as they used to before the dawn of Smartphones. How could they be when your number one priority is your gadget? How could you be if every day you’re ping pinging on your phone without even noticing the presence of your loved?

  • A calabash of cheating

Smartphones have come with them, a spirit of cheating. Most of hard users of these gadgets are also professional cheaters. No wonders, day in day out they’re clinging to their smartphones as if it’s a pot of gold. This in the end is making Smartphones as one of the most hated technology to have hit mankind. Examples are plenty of noble citizens of our societies who have been caught cheating via these gadgets.

Fellow Divaz, let’s learn to value our men before you lose them and start grinding accusing witches that don’t even exist!



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