By Yamikani Praise Bwanali

It’s a fact that every human being born of flesh does face some hiccups that can lead them into fury. It’s normal to be angry at times. However, it’s an emotion that need not be entertained for long. Getting angry for relatively longer periods can easily affect our lives in various angles.

This is why it is important that the Young Generation, and indeed everybody out there needs to keep their angers in check. How one can tame their anger is way different from another but all in all, we need to develop some weapons to be annihilating anger once its presence appears to be knocking on our doors.

Here are some of the few tips.

Think before you speak

Many are times that we have broken others’ hearts or we’ve uttered something that tend to backfire later on courtesy of our anger. Rule number one, speak when you’re angry and you’ll make the worst mistake you’ll live to regret.

Let’s regurgitate our thoughts before airing them out to avoid repercussions in the near future. Simply put, anger and talking too much are not siblings.

Take time out

There are many interesting things out there which may make us forget our anger and live a free minded life. At times, it pays to keep distance from the source of our emotional break up. You can take a walk in the park, watch your favourite TV station, or listen to some cool songs. Taking some breather really aids in cooling off your heat wave.

Do some basic physical exercises

Many are times we think physical exercises are only for those who are in happy mood but that’s too far from reality. The thing is physical exercises are made for healthy purpose so when you’re angry your body does not function properly, exercise will assist you to get back to normal. Just some basic exercises.


There’s no better way of cooling off your anger than resting. You can just stay indoors meditating about various life issues. Meditation helps a lot as well, just like taking your time off into the woods. You can just be alone and let your mind wander a bit. It doesn’t kill.

Fellow Young Generation, being angry is normal, but overstaying in such a planet is a total waste of time. So, next time you’re angry, just click onto this article and apply this therapy. It can help.



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