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Youths from across all corners of Malawi are exhilarated by the commencement of Season 3 of their favourite radio magazine programme, Zathu pa Wayilesi which has hit the airwaves on the 4th of June.

Zathu pa Wayilesi programme, arguably the most popular youth radio magazine locally is back after a successful Season Two, which among others, encouraged equal participation between girls and boys in all spheres of life.

In the previous Season, Zathu radio play saw six youthful characters facing increasing challenges and personal dilemmas in their quest to make a name, musically. Now, the followers of the programme are eagerly waiting to see how the said characters will overcome their struggles together and win the national music competition.

Some random interviews EM conducted from various streets countrywide show that listeners cannot wait for the drama to start unfolding now that Season 3 is on Air.

One of the avid fans of the program, Ntende Kaonga, a form 4 student at Mzuzu government secondary school says Zathu’s prowess has changed his lifestyle for the better. He is all praises for the brand.

“Zathu has always been a bridge in changing our attitudes towards girls hence the coming of Season 3 will really bring new and exciting life-changing messages for me and Malawian youths in general,” praised he.

Concurring with Ntende, outgoing form four student at Mtetete Community Day Secondary school in Nkhata-Bay, Yawaka Kamanga says Season Three is likely going to panel-beat his mindset for the better.

“It’s a fact that Season Two gave us, Malawian youths, what it means to work together as boys and girls. Now that Season 3 (of Zathu) has rolled into action, we are likely going to be shaped far much better than previously.” He said.

It is not only the direct targets of Zathu pa Wayilesi that are equally impressed and anticipates the exploits in this newly launched Season; even adults are.

A Mzuzu-based youth activist and Director for Pace for Social Change, Gibson Chisale says Zathu’s approach towards tackling issues related to the youths is so motivating.

“It’s not only about kids but even parents too. Parents’ attitudes are changing due to the (Zathu’s) programs that are always played on air hence I’m very optimistic that next 5 to 10 years, Malawi will never be the same again,” he praised.

What’s in the Season 3?

There is an exciting menu in Zathu pa Wayilesi Season 3 programme. DJ Goxy & C-Zee will present both studio and live recordings of the country’s favourite radio show. And that is not all; they will be surprising listeners with visits in their locales and inviting listeners into the studio.

Season 3 will also be characterized by the first ever on-air competition, Mzanga wa Nyatwa where listeners can win exclusive Zathu prizes every week until July, and two lucky winners will have the chance to meet the whole Zathu cast in their community, and hear Zathu Band perform live!

As Zathu Pa Wailesi goes on the road to visit young listeners across Malawi and broadcast their inspiring stories in Timve Kwa Inu, as usual, ever-inspiring Gogo will continue offering pieces of advice on all the burning questions affecting the youths. This is not to mention Zathu Band’s live studio performances.

Statistics by M&C Saatchi, show that 95% of the youths who have listened to Zathu say it has made them feel more in control of the decisions which affect their lives. Young people also say it has improved perceptions on gender equality and mixed friendships.

Such was the motivation that Zathu has now expanded its platforms to be airing Zathu pa Wayilesi programs so as to meet the needs of Malawians.

“Due to the great success so far, Zathu has gone national due to popular demand and the show is now available on Nyathepa radio (2 pm Saturday) and Tuntufye radio (4 pm Sunday). Yoneco FM also broadcasts the omnibus 4.30pm Saturdays,” reads part of the press statement released prior to the premiering of Season 3.

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