Hope (Left) and Clement (right) presenting Mosqi-Killer device during Engineering Symposium at Crossroads Hotel in Blantyre.



By Franco Mwachande Jnr

In an effort to respond to calls for the elimination of the country’s high cases of malaria, two fourth year students at The Polytechnic, a constituent college of University of Malawi (Unima), have developed a device called Mosqui-killer which will be used to kill mosquitoes.

The duo, Hope Kelvin Chilunga, and Clement Misomali who are both studying Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering came up after Misomali had developed some side effects upon using mosquito nets.

“The idea came after I showed negative side effects after using mosquito nets so I opted to mosquito repellents but I couldn’t afford because they’re too expensive hence this idea popped up,” recalls Misomali.

Added he, “We started this since February this year and the device has been designed and manufactured in a way that mosquitoes will be attracted by an LED Blue light Bulb and then an electrical fan will trap and kill them, so our main motive is to help the world in fighting against malaria.”

And according to Chilunga, being engineering students is one of their tasks of finding sustainable solutions to current problems that Malawi is facing in the health sector.

“We thought of coming up with sustainable solutions to current health problems in Malawi through the skills we have been equipped here at the Polytechnic. As you know, mosquitoes are causative agents of Malaria which has claimed many a Malawian lives in recent years and it is still affecting us negatively hence affecting our economy,” Chilunga said.


Expectations are high that with the innovation, according to the duo, if adopted at a larger scale, Malaria cases are will be reduced tremendously.

Above all, the technology is user friendly.

“Many will use it as it is easy to operate just by a press of a button since mosquito nets have an obvious alternative use such as a fishing net and also garden fence hence this device can be used in remote areas and also it has a solar panel that enables to run on both electricity and battery.” They challenged.

Inspired by Mayamiko Mkoloma Managing Director of Imosytem, the duo’s plan is to start a company that will solve health problems using electronics.

“Our future plan is to establish a company that will be solving health problems using electronic devices but for this mosqui killer we want to carry out further test in highly populated mosquitoe-prone areas such as Nsanje, Chikwawa, Mangochi and others.” They said.

The device has been made by using electronics such as capacitors, a LED diode and an electrical fan, a rechargeable battery of 9-volt and mini solar panel.



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