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By Fiona Jacques Manda, and Gibson C Kamanga

Throughout a combined 50 plus years of existence on this planet, the SM team has always been patriotic and full of pride at being called Malawians.

However, from recent weeks, it has been becoming so hard in being called a Malawian. All that pride is gone. We wish we could have been referred to by another name.

All of a sudden, Malawi is now an ailing nation that is all but dead. It appears the old Malawi that used to be bragging that she was the Warm Heart of Africa has been sold to whoever knows. It appears now we are in a state of nature where lawlessness is the order of the day.

Where would the warmth be when we are busy butchering one another just because somebody has a body condition different from ours?

The influx of cases of butchering our brothers and sisters with albinism is so disheartening. From the look of things, nobody is caring. Not the government, not the law enforcers, and neither you and us.

Take the case of the government for example. Why would the whole government spokesperson downplay the gravity of this situation? What came over him really for his mouth to utter such gibberish?  What message was he sending to our fellow brothers and sisters who are on the negative end of the barbaric tirade? This was so barbaric. Very unfortunate.

Now, government aside, we Malawians in general are also to blame. We do know who the perpetrators are but here we are, busy taking action on the social media but practically doing nothing. Why can’t we sweep our communities by ensuring that they’re free of these rascals who’re wreaking havoc on our fellow Malawians with albinism?  

The law enforcers are also partially to blame. The SM crew feels not much is being done. We understand some time back some of the top notch MPS officials had visited our northern neighbour, Tanzania to borrow a leaf on how their fellows from the Magufuli land contained this vice.  But months down the ladder, nothing on the table.

Are we really failing to find the root of all this hullabaloo? Are we really sure that our professional men and women in uniform are clueless on how to curtail this uncivilized act?

The pace at which our men and women in uniform are taking in investigating albino killings is leaving most of us with a lot of unanswered questions. Suspects have been apprehended but up to now, no clear clue yet.  Others are even been left scot free.

And what with the recent annihilation of one Buleya Lule who had just pleaded guilty for his role in the disappearance of another of the victims in question? Suspects dying in bizarre circumstances whilst in police custody. Just like that! What does this really mean to an ordinary eye like ours? Should we say the law enforcers are somehow fishy?

Well, let us not insinuate much as most of these issues are with the courts of law. But whatever the case, we, Malawians are wholly to blame for doing nothing to stop our fellows from being butchered. We are literary doing nothing.

Until we bring the albino killings to the wire, “Malawi remains a combaination (sic) of nyusensi!!



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