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By Patience N LUNDA

“Become the change you want to see” – Oprah Winfrey

Often times many people fail to undertake something that is diverse from what every Tom, Jim, and Harry is doing because they sense that they will not yield from what they have started.

Only a few audacious beings venture into somewhat diverse paths. And often times, such rare gems have always make it. One of those rare trinkets is Jonathan Mphande.

At only 25, Mphande has established himself in digital and pencil art illustration. While some youngsters would take this as unfeasible art, Mphande’s tale speaks volumes of how digital and pencil art illustration can transform lives and create more jobs for the youths of Malawi.

Armed with Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Administration from Malawi’s Catholic University, youthful Mphande is making it big in digital and pencil art illustration.

The young entrepreneur and his accomplice Limbani Namwera are the proprietors and creators of Unreal Arts; a company that was registered in 2015.

“I was inspired by my friends in secondary school but later on in college my mesho, Limbani Namwera introduced me to the art of graphic designing and made me invest my interest in it,” Mphande recalled.

The things we overcome in life really develop our strengths. According to Jonathan Mphande, the greatest challenge is that people want to get quality staff at low prices and the lack of publicity.

“People always want cheap stuff but this does not work considering the quality things that I make and I lack publicity when it comes to selling of laptop covers,” explained he

Laptop Cover

His entry into digital and pencil art illustration is exceptional since him and his accomplice Limbani Namwera are trailblazers of this art.

“We don’t have role models because we started this on our own but personally I am enthused by Japanese anime that helps me in my illustrations,” he confessed.

Mphande says so far, digital and pencil art illustration art has been going on well for him.

“I meet many customers on social media mostly on Whatsapp and Instagram but a few in person and discuss what they want, if it needs designing we design it and later on print then paste the art,” elucidated He.

The 25 year-old entrepreneur emboldens fellow youths to chase their dreams by doing things that are different from what others are doing.

“My fellow youth should be consistent and persistent at what they want to achieve but also take the road that is less travelled which is to employ and not to be employed,” he explained.

Jonathan Mphande’s artwork

Despite all this, Mphande is not yet contented with what he is doing now, he dreams of perfecting this art in a few years to come.

“in ten years to come, Unreal Arts will be a graphic firm that will satisfy anything graphical that includes videos as well,” Said Jonathan

Perhaps it is high time the youth of Malawi stop being good at only making money for others but venture into entrepreneurship to empower themselves. Jonathan Mphande is among the pacesetters and why should anyone fail to be one too?

We will not be talking about perpetuating levels of unemployment and poverty if such a mindset is instilled in the minds of Malawian youth.

For more information contact Jonathan Mphande

  • Phone: +265 (0) 888438366
  • Email address:
  • Facebook: Jona Mphand ey
  • Instagram: Jawnair
  • Twitter: Illovoe

Below are some of Jonathan Mphande’s artwork


Jonathan Mphande’s artwork


Jonathan Mphande’s artwork


Jonathan Mphande’s artwork




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