Love. The corona way!


(How To Rekindle The Lost Spark)

By Fiona Jacques (La femme fatale)

Days are turning into months and Covid_19 continues showing mankind her/his ugly face. Much as we all know that the disease and its sister virus, have disturbed every human activity globally, it’s however, no proper justification to let Corona virus also separates us from our loved ones?

It’s not news that sometimes in relationships, we feel distant such that one may feel left on in the relationship. I know a lot of my girlfriends’ relationships have hit rock bottoms and you fee like giving up. No! My girls, no no no!!! There are tips that can assist you to rekindle that fading spark. Let’s take a look!

Change your mindset

Being in a relationship isn’t something to just jump in ‘coz it needs the whole of you, more especially the mind. Most of us, I know, think to be in a relationship, you just gotta be in love. We surely got it all wrong here. Change that perspective into, being in love with someone is mostly about maintaining what mad you fell for each other for. The mind has the ability to direct you how to treat your partner ,and that will bring back the old loving self.

Don’t rush things, let them flow naturally

I’m a living testimony of how bad I was in trying to push myself beyond my limit. When I fell for my dude, he was a little, or way too matured than I. I tried all I all tactics in the girlie’s book so I could be at par with him. Know what happened? I kept on being childish. I kept on making one childish mistake after another.

Later on, I was to learn that I wasn’t supposed to be forcing myself. Maturity was to come on its own, and coming it did. 

In the same way, let yourself grow. Don’t punish yourself for being childish. If he hooked up whilst in that childish way, then yeah let him also understand that you can’t just change in a day. Maturity comes with time.

Do things together…things that brings goodies to you

There are times we get immersed in whatever we do or are doing to the extent of forgetting that we’ve our better half. This can easily kill off the relationship. Spare some time and reconnect. Do what brings happiness between you two. Remember the good ol’ days when you could’ve fun together. So why not bring them now?

Make your relationship a priority

It’s been of my knowledge that relationships lack their spark because most of us don’t prioritize our partners. If you always handle your relationship as second fiddle to something else, chances are high it won’t last. It’ll definitely lose direction and what’s gonna be left will be nothing but history between you too.

Give no room to lame excuses

If you want to bring back the dream love life, stop being someone who doesn’t accept responsibility. Stop making excuses. If your relationship has lost his spark, take the responsibility of trying to work things out. See what the problem is, and work on it.

Besides, good things take a whole lot. Remember, nobody but yourself can make your relationship tick.

Fellow divas, never let the social distance of avoiding contraction of corona virus also be translated to emotional distance to your partner! You can make your affair work again!



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