By Fiona Jacques Manda

Dear Diary

I feel terribly bad for keeping you outta my circle for a while. You know that I’ve been so busy I forgot about you. Come-on! Forgive me. Today, I wanna tell you something interesting; hopefully you’ll cheer up.

So, of late, I’d been reminiscing about my year and a half journey with my dreadlocks man, You know he drives me crazy all times. Throughout the journey, I’ve realised a few changes on myself, courtesy of the relationship.

Diary, I don’t wanna act supper conclusive, but I just gotta let out, I know you listening pretty  well.

Before I go further, I wanna let you know, my Diary, I had a whole lot expectations from this whole love thing, but frankly speaking, those expectations have made me realise a few things which have brought in a new side of me that are simply adorable.

Wait! wait! wait! Don’t rush me, I’m heading there. Play me “I was here” by Beyonce. Yoo! Sometime listen to that hit. She said, “Perfection is a disease for the nation”. That’s the first lesson.

At first, I imagined my love life as this fairytale, where everything seems perfect. You just gotta try to make out the best out of someone, especially if you trying to make things work. And yes! We up for the grabs.

Diary, this relationship has also improved my judgement and maturity when tackling issues. When the relationship was in its infancy, I could make sure my boo doesn’t breathe for very minor issues. I could get angry for literary trivial issues.

But then, now I have changed, simply because everyday gives me a chance to learn how to manage this, and also accommodate him. Diary lemme whisper in your ear,”men hate to be nagged”. Remember that when you get order.

Diary, being in a comfortable relationship teaches you lots more. I mean, come-on, look at me now!!

I won’t skip another huge transformation that I have this spirit of going for what I want and what’s best for me. During the Genesis of me and alamu anu, people talked whole lots of stuff, people went wild. Then, I thought the whole things was a mistake.

One and a half months later. All that is gone. All what’s remaining is the sweet goodies I get from him. Right now, I don’t care who the f… is against me and my babe. He is all that matters to me.

Management of affairs can’t be gained from school, you just have to accept the person, and try to make a perfection from their imperfections. It’s simple. It ain’t about asking yourself “Oh my gosh,is he the right one? As for me, he is the right one. All I gotta do is what I gotta do to maintain what is here between us.

Besides, love has to make you grow, and for me,it has.

Oops! Am out of today’s pages. I’m a love-lady. Gotta work to do. Lemme check on you next week.



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