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By Franco Mwachande Jnr

Having worked for two years with no sweet rewards, 25- year old Loveness Thole decided it was high time she moved on to the next level.

Although she was not sure how she was going to survive as an entrepreneur, Thole finally resigned from her job as Administrator to start a home cake business.

Although she faced tough rides during the early months in her business; Loveness’ Cake Gardens and Catering Services, finally took shape. In no time, she managed to employ four women to help her in the day to day affairs of the firm.

Thanks to her passion and determination, three years down the line, Thole is a force to reckon with as far as cake baking is concerned in the capital city, Lilongwe.

“My business is growing; when I compare to my early years to the current status, I see some big notable progress, ” says Thole who operates her business in Area 23 surbarb.


“I started this because of passion. When I was young, my mother used to bake cakes and because of my passion she taught me how to bake it and since college, I used to bake cakes even at college and because of positive feedback I got from people this motivated me to make it even now. She recalls.

Thole was one of the unsatisfied employees who could not smile cometh the pay day.

“After school, I got a job but I wasn’t happy with the meager perks I was getting. By and by, I started pondering on commercializing my passion, she remembers.

The progress

Through the business, Thole, a first degree in Business Management from Pentecostal Life University, says she has made remarkable progress in her life.

“I’m now more adept at cake baking. That aside, I have also managed to start another business where I assorted clothings. She reveals.


She however, underscored that the greatest setback in her business is people failing to pay her in time. A typical Malawian problem. 

Minus that, Thole riles at some Malawian nationals who mistake products from foreign nationals with quality.

“This is pathetic to us! I think our government needs to take a tough stance about promoting local producers. She cried.

The future

Looking ahead, Loveness Thole plans to grow bigger. Minus reaching out to all corners of the country, Loveness wants to impart her knowledge to whoever may be interested.

“I believe in paying back, so my payback to my country would be to impart my skills to all aspiring youths, she says.

Advice to the youth  

“He who hesitates is lost” so goes the adage. Loveness’ piece of advice to up and coming entrepreneurs is no different.

“Don’t hesitate! Take the first step of action towards whatever ideas you have. Advises she.

Adds she, “Yes running your own venture is quite stressful, but more rewarding; hence, tradeoff the stress for rewards you are to get.”

Below are some of Loveness’ Cake Gardens and Catering Service products



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