LL Salvation Army Women's choir

LL Salvation Army Women’s choir drops Munkhondo Ya Yesu song


By Franco Mwachande Jnr

Amid the pangs of the Covid -19 pandemic globally and Malawi in particular, there’s been hope and hopelessness across the various Malawian citizenry. On one hand, others are getting wary of disease, whilst on the other end, others are turning to anything that may bring hope to their minds.

Amongst those on the hopeful side are the believers who are now seeking divine intervention as human power appears to be taking ages in finding the solution to Covid 19.

Such an endeavor can take and is taking various forms from normal prayers, to spiritual music all aimed at being closer to the Almighty.

Lilongwe Based Salvation Army women’s choir has taken the latter direction by releasing Munkhondo Ya Yesu on Sunday, the 24th of May 2020.

Nkhondo mu Yesu is a litany of love and joy amidst Covid 19 scare. Overall, it’s a victory song that in the end, The Almighty is going to triumph and Covid 19 shall be annihilated.

The choir leader, Dorcus Silomo clarifies that the song aims at comforting the hopeless in this trying period.

“This song is coming at a very good time when the world is facing this challenge of Covid-19 pandemic. We’re fighting against evil and evil shall not prevail: it’s a reminder that with Christ, impossible is nothing for he is a conquerer,” challenges she.

Dorcus further reaches out to all those who are yet to listen to the song to do the needful as “it’s nothing but pure talent from the women’s folk.”

Munkhondo Ya Yesu has been produced by Dili Records in the capital city.  



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