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By Kenneth Chizotera Mkandawire

In all earnest, love is precious, rather, it’s supposed to be. At times, however, love sucks. Sometimes, it becomes a very complicated issue, leading to what you would perhaps describe as unexpected outcomes, bizarre to believe or ruthless tragic endings leaving many dismayed with unanswered questions of “why not it being a happy ending?”

We all need love, that mutual commitment from our parents, siblings and every relationship that we would cherish to appreciate the experience of affection. In short, love is one of the fundamental ultimate experiences every human being is entitled to at some point in life.

Nonetheless, love is not just a mere feeling. One will have to understand it first and considering several things, knowing what it takes to love and be loved as well. With that being said, our focus, in this case, dwells much on the love which depicts the strong feelings one develops towards the opposite sex with an aim of getting together whilst scrutinizing what fails individuals to sustain relationships.

Love is of paramount, hence it is of great importance to embrace it for it makes the world to go round. Many have emphasized how great love is. For instance, taking you through the popularly known love fiction of “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, the book gives us a clear picture of how the prospect could take control over people’s lives in such an extra ordinary way.

In the book, Shakespeare tries to reveal how love could prevail come what may between lovers. On the other hand, he tries to articulate how strongly influential it could be for Romeo to love at the first sight and reaching the extent of defying the odds by dating Juliet, whose parents had been in a great feud with his family (Romeo). That is the wonder of love.

We all need love, for God is love and we are all his children. Thus we all need to develop our human kind affairs under its doctrines. We belong to him such that he or she who doesn’t love shuns to be his child.

That gives us a proportion to the understanding and appreciation of the essence of love. But why is it the case with other people failing to cherish relationships despite understanding the greatest role love plays in our lives?

There are definitely some possible reasons why relationships are not sustained by some couples. Disappointments are just one of the greatest reasons contributing to this. It’s quite understandable but falling down is part of life and picking yourself up that’s living.

Take it to your understanding that we are talking about the strong feelings one develops towards the opposite sex with an aim of attaining dearly ultimate feelings from that individual in turn.

We may really try our best to find love but fail to realize and appreciate one’s partner once secured fails us to have that golden opportunity of escalating and sustaining love.

For instance, dissatisfaction is one of the major factors fuelling many heartbreaks or breakups. People feel unsatisfied with their partners if they manage to coax one to their nest. Perhaps the problem emanates from negative peers or lack of commitment to one’s partner? But the issue is a major problem needed to be checked.

There is a need for one to be so sure and mature enough to start a relationship. Only if you could take time when figuring out someone to be with in a relationship and share ultimate feelings with, there couldn’t be displeasure woes.

When you need to fall in love, you need to be certain about the feelings you develop towards the person you need. This is an ideal determinant to a sustained relationship because one is able to get settled smoothly as what is needed is totally secured.

Struggle for power or to say superiority over who should be seen more appreciated and look more important is just another element contributing to the split up of couples. It takes a humbled and caring heart to love and appreciate one’s partner in order for the affection between the two to prevail.

It’s a given fact that no one does not want to feel unappreciated and cared for once fallen in love. But there comes a problem if one party in a relationship develops the element of both attention and affection dominance, thinking they are more special over their partner and there comes a problem as break up follows.

Nobody would want to feel neglected, neither to cheer nor chant for a craven bull. Someone cannot be wasting much of his or her energy and attention to a loved one who doesn’t return the favour knowing there won’t be anything worthy in return for doing that.

We need to avoid this and never letting the setback element take over our love life. We need to cherish love once found and give much of our attention to our partners for if that does not happen, unfaithfulness becomes rampant and love eventually fades away.

They say “communication save relations”. Indeed, this is the most vital consideration supposed to be highly recognized in the agendas of a relationship. Once partners get fond of being in touch, the bond that binds them together grows stronger and never be easily broken down as the connection ignites.

Even when there could be a long distance between couples, talking to each other should be the key element or first priority in order to keep the love alive.

It becomes so unfortunate if couples disembark on cherishing this element thus creating potential reasons for one’s partner to start spending much time with other possible multiple lovers in search of true love. In turn, love is lost.

Let us all be devoted and have the passion for love, letting it lead and thereby saving our relationships. We should cherish love just like Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the third Century. He protested against the strict laws inflicted by a pagan Emperor Claudius (The Second) on preventing young soldiers from marrying.

Knowing that love is precious, Valentine was against the development. He promoted love among young people and married them in secrecy and this was the genesis of his belief in the relevance of love.

He eventually found himself in jail after being discovered for his crimes against Claudius. He then was executed and having his name dedicated to the “Valentine’s Day” for what he put up was a gallant illustration of how important love is.

Let love sprout new beginning in our relationships thereby allowing affection prevail sustainably and living happily ever after. Let love lead!



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