By Anderson Manning’s Gowa.

An accidental bumping into a Malawian musician on the social media and a glance at a musical show, one thing pops up into an inquisitive mind. The dudes are living a lavish life.

The swag, on point, the HD pictures punctuates the whole thing by throwing in some sparkling display kudos to the editing software “Professor Photoshop”.

The picturesque gets interesting when musicians shoot a music video. The extravagant lifestyle echoed by the materialistic exhibitions in those musical visuals, talk of the fashionable outfits, uptown automobiles, expensive liquor, gorgeous ladies, and the mansions.

The spectacle drives musical enthusiasts’ mouth ajar, indeed mouthwatering at the captivating life, music can offer. Such that a myriad of youths in the ghetto have fallen prey to such opulence without a second eye; the very source that our esteemed celebrities are ladling the cash from.

On a different day, crash into the very musicians at their backyard, a “crib” as they call it. A majority is dancing to a jamboree of pathetic life. A swarm of them have nothing to make ends meet. Many of them solely depend on their parents to make their quest for plastic life 360-degree turn.

Indeed, a larger percentage of our creative minds make a living on behalf of the word “hustling”. A euphemism for the word stealing. They indeed jostle at anything, their parents’ belongings form part of that hustling arena. Parents of our dear celebrities are already residing in the so-called hell before their actual judgment as pledged in the Holy Books.

The properties they hardly accumulated over the years have fallen victim to the marauding lions so-called celebrities. They cannot dispose cash anyhow; doing so will leave them bankrupt as the so-called celebrities take custody of everything that adds swag into their lives.

The pathetic part with these celebrities in that they are aging even though they shell themselves in the teenagers and early 20 brackets. A multitude of them have gone past their harvest time.

The tricky part is some of these entertainers haven’t gone past secondary school. Very few have done so. Even those who have gone past that stage, their certificates are an eyesore. Some don’t even possess one.

Food for thought. What went wrong?

The answers to the lavish lifestyle is summed up in the Cultivation theory coined by George Gerbner and Larry Gross who suggest that exposure to media, overtime, subtly “cultivates” viewers perception of reality.

The socialization effect of the media that has been exacerbated by the proliferation of technology bringing the media into the hands of almost all the youths is the causal agent for this appalling behavior.

The youths have copied the lifestyle of Davidos of this world, the Casper Nyovest of this life, the super Diamond Platinumz of the Kwangwalu hit, the Chris Breezys of this earth and others too numerous to mention. Their brain assumes that what they view on the media is what will befall them.

The funny part is that many international celebrities that are socializing our local celebrities have huge businesses; in fact are knowables in the field of entertainment.

Fancy Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz, the rich hit maker whose songs are all smashing hits. Him is not only a musician, he is an investor, an entrepreneur and above all, most of his shows are sold out.

Come home, musicians weep out with a loud vocal at the appalling numbers of musical show patronage. Instead of them being paid for performing on stage, they are the ones fishing out monies to pay the organizers. Their hits are easily pirated; the local masses enjoy freebies. They can’t stomach the idea of honoring the labor our musicians are toiling to make the hits.

Of course, the masses are to blame but the blame should be heaped on the musicians themselves. They don’t have productive brains. They have no business. The little that is gathered after shows is squandered on ‘good life; Entertaining the so called slay queens who have nothing to offer but their hastily packaged bum-bum and their alien English accent that is specifically confined to memorization of a few sentences. Beyond that, it is vernacular or diarrhoearised English.

“Painting a brick with golden colors doesn’t imply that that very moment when the brick is coated with golden colors, the entire brick is gold, Nop!” that is a living falsehood. That narrated, all is not lost on the local celebrity scene.

Some entertainers like Martse are sandwiching music and education. The Mwano hit buster is pursuing a degree at Lilongwe University of Agriculture. Thus Watsup!

Talk of K-Man the musician, he owns a boutique in the Green City, dishing out trendy outfits while musing on the next hit.

The legendary Phyzix is another ‘hustler’ who is living the sound of his music. He is one of the top managers with NBS bank. That aside, he is also an entrepreneur.

Kudos! Thus the way up. The guys aren’t cheating themselves; they are indeed hustling but not with parental belongings and taking charge of money meant for relish in the name of upholding swag.

There are numerous examples on display of celebrities who are dishing palatable music while bringing bread and butter through other avenues like entrepreneurship as there are numerous examples of celebrities earning a living through “kuthamangathamanga poba katundu wamakolo

All is not lost.

Swallow your pride, work hard, fold-up your sleeves, invest, and go for entrepreneurship or a paid job.

The money you realize in the musical shows shouldn’t be deposited in the night clubs showcasing your dancing antics on the dance floor facing the towering mirror grasses while wriggling your body, nor should it invested in organizing nasty parties pseudo named “kama smalls” whose outcome is diseases and horrible poverty

Fame is good but fame without purpose is shambolic.



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