ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Philes Davis.

Over the years, the Fat Sexy Diva has learnt a lot of lessons. One of the greatest lessons she cherishes alot is to appreciate what she has currently. You see, life is just too damn short for one to be stressing over issues that are not in one’s life yet. It’s very funny how other souls die every day; struggling to please people around them. This is nuts! In The Fat Sexy Diva’s planet, she, alone, comes first. Her happiness comes first.

This week, I just wanna demystify some silly issues that keep on eating some of us, for no apparent reason other than trying to please the next soul around.

You’ve no car; you ain’t married yet… your friends have both

You don’t have a college degree. Correct! You’re still single. Correct! You’ve no car. Correct! So what? Who lied to you that the meaning of life is in having? A number of people feel bad about themselves because they haven’t yet achieved what the society describes or ascribe as standards of success by a certain level or age. This is way too stupid.

It always drives me mad meeting a gorgeous lady with sound academic background, has an enviable job, has adorable friends who love her back, but she still feels unhappy. Reason? She’s yet to find a Mr Right?   Childish! This is pure childishness!!

Going to the other side of town, other ladies are married to enviable hubbies, but the former ain’t happy courtesy of their deficient, academic background!

The moral of the story is that we waste much of our time crying for what we don’t have instead of glorifying the goodies that we possess.

Remove that “if only I could have that!” mantra. For once you shall have it, shall you realize you are still not happy.

(this is dedicated to my precious friend, Temwa)

He has a six pack…then what? Be happy with your one pack!

It’s interesting that one man, who has managed to build houses, driving a nice car, and has a good job, is so unhappy because he thinks he doesn’t have the body of some guy who spends all his time at the gym because he has no job and no deadlines to beat.

Another guy is a director in an uptown corporate firm, with fat payslip, but he is not happy because every time he switches on the TV, it’s all about the six packs and the V-shaped dudes day in day out. Him has the pot belly and he thinks he ain’t cool! Poor soul!!

Not all ladies are six-pack lovers. Just be yourself. Uptown Chics like the Fat Sexy Diva like men who are real; men who don’t fake their personas so as to please a lady. Be who you are and all them hotties will flock to you; six pack or alack-thereof.

You foot to work day in, day out; He goes out with a Merc…so What????

That’s just how life is. You can never have all of everything. The key to happiness in life is in enjoying, being grateful for who we are while pursuing for what we want. Take an inventory of what you have, decide to celebrate everyday things you have been blessed with. I have seen people who walk, have no car, be so proud and happy walking… while a guy in a Merc is wrestling with serious esteem issues. It’s not in what you possess nor lack; it’s in how you view yourself and how you value your life. Also, never compare yourself with others, they are also dealing with things you wouldn’t want to think about.

What if he pays full DSTV?

Some people value useless things, like he pays full bouquet of DSTV channels and you are embarrassed with your Go_TV set. If only you had known there’s some soul out there which is in dire need of not a Go TV set, but a Kiliye-Kiliye set, then you wouldn’t have been bothering your soul like that! Peace of mind is the name of the game. Period!

What if he owns a company?

Not everyone was destined to have a company; some were destined to be buyers, and some workers in those companies. If you’re employed, appreciate what you have. You don’t know what type of life the person owning a company is going through. So take caution and be happy with what you have achieved.

So what if she has a kid out of marriage

There are other people who have been married for ages but are lacking an offspring. They have tried all what it takes but nay! Nothing is working out. So because she has a kid out of wedlock doesn’t make her a slut. It’s just that she went unorthodox in securing the child. No fuss about it!


My colleagues, never let people make you miserable for neither what you possess currently, nor what you don’t have. Be proud of what you have now not what you don’t have!!

I dedicate the song So What by Dan_Lu to all fellaz who have low self esteem!!



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