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Q & A By Langson Kalua

Of late, there has been an influx of videographers, professional photographers….you name it! If you have a memorable event, what a better way to rekindle that than capture it on camera? But has it ever tingled our mind on what it really takes for one to be in this field? How rewarding is this field? And what are the challenges?

Well, Flyppa Dez real name James Nkhoma one quarter of a youthful fastest rising multi-media firm in Mzuzu, Artwork Lab, has got the answer.

Flyppa is just young.  He is just a stone-throw ahead of 20 year old mark. Despite his age, his handiworks are a marvel to watch. The Little Mr has all the muscles and potential to make it big in his multimedia industry.

  • The journey into the wonderland

Well, let me say it’s my dream from childhood, way back when I was at primary level I used to like playing around with toy camera. I was carrying the toy at school and trying to shoot my classmates.

At secondary level I used to shoot videos with a phone camera. Little by little in 2016, I started playing around with video editing softwares; the likes of Adobe premiere pro, video maker and Wondershare.

In the same year, I met a guy known as Vals photographer (Walusungu Munthali) who I used to play with his camera and trying to edit the pics and videos.

With time, I pushed myself not to let my childhood dream die. I kept on practicing multi-media production on my own. A special shout out to my mum and dad for encouraging me to do what I had always loved since my childhood.

Another shout out to Ambwene of Creative Entertainment the guy who bought us professional camera’s seeing how talented I was with my friend, Praise.

Throughout these years, I got motivated by the great works of othernoble m’men’ in the industry in the likes of Mest, Sukez, Ron CZ, Nico Sley, and VALS, without forgetting Praise, my workmate.

  • Multi-media production; what is it all about?

On this aspect of me as a multi-media producer, my job is all about capturing memorable events via audio, motion or still pictures. I shoot and edit videos, and provide event photography.

  • What does it take for one to pursue such a career path?

I can say passion for videos and photos, and nowadays, a little bit of English as well for easy communication with multi-sectoral clients.

That aside, one also needs to be patient and creative in coining out some unique features for your products.

  • How is your normal working day like?

If I am shooting a wedding or documentary, first thing is I need to understand what my client wants. I have to clearly get their expectations from me, know the location for the event as well. I do also advise them whenever necessary.

I also have to asses if the event we are shooting needs extra equipment like lighting and the like.

And I can challenge here that at Artwork Lab, we shoot the event and in a space of a week, we deliver the product to our clients.

  • The rewards of multi-media production

Yes…it depends on how a person has invested in his business, because people are now looking for quality and professional products. By investments, I’m talking of both the gadgets and the expertise.

  • Direct clientele

Literary, it’s almost every person who likes good things. Everybody who cherishes keeping memorable events safe for future use. This includes high profile people in both government, and non-governmental organizations, and of course individuals, not to mention the entertainment industry.

  • Challenges

Some clients want quality products at a cheap price. And also most people in Malawi do not appreciate arts. Above all, this field needs personal perseverance.

To add being look down because I’m young.


  • Birth Name: James Nkhoma
  • Industry Name: Flyppa Dez
  • Date Of Birth : 11 December 1998
  • Location of business: Mzuzu
  • Education Background: a holder of G2 human certificate in Electricity
  • Favourite local videographer(s): Mest Media, and Sukez
  • Favourite International Videographer? Clarence’s Peter
  • Memorable Moments

Yes, the time I borrowed a camera from Kuwale and I lost a battery cover.

  • Advice to Aspiring Malawian Youths

Stay focused, invest, work hard and believe in God



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