By: Patience Ngulube Lunda.

Dear Slay queens, Divas, Church girls and to those that do not belong to any of the three groups but are still in school.

I have something that I would like to share with you which I believe will give you second thoughts about some clichés you are currently believing in.

Without wasting much ado let me not beat about the bush but go straight to the reason why I scribbled this piece.

Yours truly recently attended a graduation ceremony somewhere. You should have seen how beautiful the graduates looked, it was really wonderful to note that offices will now be flooded with such beauty.

But as I continued to appreciate these people, something suddenly crossed my mind… Something I believe many would call “the bitter truth.”

…..”Are they all going to be employed?” the question kept ringing in my mind. Sadly, the answer is No! not so soon judging with the number of graduates on this day.

Back in the days when I was still a scholar, me and my friends would fantasize about acquiring a job opportunity soon after finishing our studies but as we drew closer, we all realized life was not simple out there.

You see ladies, life after school is not what you think it is. Not only do you parents pressurize you about finding a job but also responsibilities now start to build up.

What I’m saying is, make a plan for your future and don’t go to school just because someone has forced you to go but be sure that is what you really want.

Yes, I understand that some people do not have the ability to ably perform in class but that does not mean you should make poor choices in life.

Often times, I have heard many people saying they would venture into business once schools fail them but what they do not know is that business is not for everyone! entrepreneurship is the game of the mind and no offense some of you have chicken brains lol… You will just end up eating the business capital.

I think it’s high time we are told the truth girls, start building our Curriculum Vitaes while we are still in school before it becomes too late for you.

You may volunteer at a certain company, organization or an institution during the holidays. It may look time wasting but little by little you gain vast experience in your area of expertise and so is your CV building up.

So before you think about joining the business world, you might want to consider building your CV first and enjoy the fruits of your labour later in life.

Never say “that won’t happen to me” life has a funny way of proving us wrong. Adios amigos!



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