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By Yona Gondwe

Call it moving with technology! A WhatsApp Talkshow, Unlimited Youth Organization – a youth skills development intiative – conducted with various youths countrywide has revealed gaps Malawian movie industry has in both production and directing.

The talk, which had award winning filmmaker, Joyce Chavula as the main guest, shows that Malawian movie industry has some miles to cover if it is to be a force to be reckoned with internationally.

According to Chavula, Malawian movie makers need to up their game, in both production, and directing. She observed that poor foundation on some of vital structures is derailing the progression of the industry.

 “We’re not yet there. So many challenges are clouding our progession. For example, lack of proper infrastracture like film schools where actors can be equipped with proper skills, lack of distribution channelsand also there‘s too much individualism. We don‘t want to consolidate our effort,. These are hindering our progress,” observed she.

The tele-discussion came at a time UYO is producing a movie, The pursuit of justice.”

About The pursuit of justice.”, UYO’s Executive Director Joel Mkandawire, brains directing the movie says his movie, an adaptation of Mapopa Sanga‘s stage play, The Dark Cloud, aims at giving a platform for budding actors/actresses to blossom.

“UYO aims at exposing young talents to the real world; The Pursuit of Happiness is just doing that.” Says he.

Although this is the case,Chavula is hopeful that by the end of the day,a glimmer of hope is shining towards the local movie industry.

Although Malawi is under-performing in this industry, but I’m hopeful we’re going to make it.   After all, this is where all countries had started from, ” she hopes.

The shooting of the movie is going to start shortly. Dan Soko of Star Media is the man behind the production.



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