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By Yamikani P Bwanali

The upsurge of the barbaric acts of killing our dear friends with albinism is sickening. Isn’t it shameful that we go around town bragging that Malawi is the warm heart of Africa, and yet day in day out, albinos are losing their precious lives?

What is becoming of our country now? Good people, why do we claim that we are a peaceful nation when deep down we are letting our friends live a peace-less life?

My fellow young generation, now is the time! Let us act on these barbarians who are abducting and mercilessly killing our dear colleagues with albinism.

This, fellow young generation, is not a one man show. You and I know who these perpetrators are. It is not a government show alone. We can do it. Let us report any suspicious faces to relevant authorities.

Where are our morals? Why have we sunk so low as to be butchering our brothers and sisters all in the name of fattening our wallets? Who is giving us the right to curtail others’ rights to life? Why my Malawi why?  

Fellow Young Generation, anybody who is involved in these merciless acts is a loser, a coward who has no place in modern society. Why shedding somebody’s blood all in the name of getting rich? Aren’t there some sane means of fattening our pockets than these inhumane acts?

Life is worthy living to everyone. Nobody, not even the government deserves to end one’s life in such brutal manner. Let us not act as animals who have no morals. Let us be in the shoes of albinos.  

Fellow Malawians, no matter your situation, be it poverty or otherwise, ending somebody’s life so as to get rich is not only barbaric but also uncalled for. It is a crime whose ‘profits’ should be rotting in jail for the rest of your life.   

We are all human beings. Let’s not take advantage of our fellow human beings’ disabilities four our gains. Albinos are people like us. They also deserve to live and achieve their goals.

To sum up, remember for believers, killing is a sin and even in our Malawi constitution, shedding the blood of a fellow human being is a crime is forbidden.

As I sum up, let us hold each other’s hands to end this vice. It is making Malawi a sick nation to live in. Stop the butchering and abduction of our dear albinos. It begins with you, and me!    



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