ThE SeXy DiVa!       

By Fiona Jacques Manda (La Femme Fatale))

With time, almost everything becomes boring; relationships are no exception. However, under normal circumstances, relationships are not supposed to be short-lived. They need to be relatively of a longer life span, more especially if the two of you are still enjoying each other’s airs.

Unfortunately, the reality is that, at some point in our love journeys, we do hit a plateau where nothing seem to be exciting anymore. Is that the time to seek for greener pastures? What do we do when we reach the plateau of our camaraderie?

Tell you what? It’s normal to hit a plateau in our love journeys; however, staying there for ages is a sign something is amiss. So, for you to get out of that plateau, here are some of the avenues.

Have common goals

What’s your purpose for the relationship? If you have different reasons for being lovers, then it’s likely your love won’t be as exciting as you may have been anticipating. Being a ‘one body’, you need to have common goals. How can you move forward as a unit if your compatibility settings are worlds apart?

We’re a different people with different desires sure, but if we need to keep the relationship moving, we need to let go of one or two things and try to accommodate those of your partner’s.

Have good communication

Communication is needed in every relationship as it gives you the chance to open up to your partner, listen to their problems and possibly help them out in every way that you can. During high spirits and low tides, you have to always be there for your hubby, talk to him, and know how he’s doing.

Keeping up with your hubby makes him alive and energizes your love. It shows that you really care. You don’t know how a simple “good morning” text does to him.

Not only that, but also whenever things aren’t right, it’s good to talk, let it out and amends all the broken walls. If you’re getting bored in your relationship, ask yourself how often you communicate with your boo.

Make time for yourselves

Life is a jungle. There are times you need to move out of it and have some quality time just between the two of you. This gives you time to reflect on your journey and correct all the wrongs; it strengthens your bond.

If you feel like you’re too busy for your partner, then you’ll surely never find your relationship exciting. Little things matter in every relationship, and it’s only those moments that’ll assure you that you really want your relationship to last long. Find something fun to do together, have a drink, take strolls, watch movies together.

Excuses never make your bond any stronger.The more you do lots of crazy stuff together, the longer you’ll be together.

Don’t expect too much

“Great expectations make frustrated men” so goes the adage. We all have expectations in everything, including our partners. If you expect too much, you’ll end up being disappointed because things may never turn around the way you’d anticipated, the result of which, is disappointments.

Accept who your dude is, and move on. If you start comparing your love life with those of your colleagues, you’ll breed nothing but misery in your life.

Love lovemaking

Don’t get cheated, rolling in the hay often brings that “I’m in love” vibe back. It’s one of the greatest stress relievers around. If you start hating it, then there’s no doubt that you’re getting bored in your relationship.

I usually say this, it’s not a crime to have it as much, so long as you do it with the one whom you love, the one you truly love. Rolling in the hay defines your relationship.

So, make out a day and have the fun. If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll always yearn for more of your partner’s love. Believe you me!

A little dosage of “surprise”

Love relationships easily get boring if they’re too predictable. One of the sweetest recipes for a life-long enjoying relationship is a little dosage of surprises. Don’t be too boring in all your deeds. Surprise your loved one with a night out, a hiking adventure, and what have you! It enriches your love life.

Fellow divaz, we life once, so love like you’ve never loved before. Have fun and always be in your best moods! The sweeter you treat him, the longer you’ll have him!

In every relationship,sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite with as little restraint or false modesty as the other”  Marquis De Sade

    Holl’ up! I must say its been a long while since I last addressed my ever amazing divas and men,but not to panick,your girl is here.Today I’mma talk about something else.   .Sex.How weird does it sound? Well,This ain’t some new word that I have invented,we both know it pretty good.Don’t raise your eyebrows.My fellow divas,sex is as primal to your relationship and personal health,just like trust and honesty are.Just as Marquis De Sade clarified,we ought to satisfy the one appetite that exist in within ourselves,if at all what we want is a long-lived relationship.Let me clear the cloud already.

Happiness is guaranteed

The core reason as to why we get into a relationship is to be made happy,and how could that be achieved if rolling in the hay is put out of the arena? I inclusive,sex is one thing out of this world which brings me outermost happiness,and that remains the same with the many growing relationships. Most couples are shattered if rolling in the hay  Is not being rightfully handled and that needs to be taken care of.Its your relationship,have regular “good” sex.There is no need pretending you ain’t a great fun of it,its crystal clear. Happiness in your relationship will help you to feel contented with your spouse.If you want him to be happy,why not doing the needful?

 It is a stress reliever

Stress got a great impact on every relationship,and it’s not called for. Y’all could agree with me,a relationship where there is regular sex is likely not to have stressed people.When we get laid,the body relaxes,and makes your stress vamoose.If you are in a relationship,and you having alot of stress,have a quickie with your man,it would leave you all freshened up.Don’t be afraid of satisfying your needs.Lemme get personal here,everytime I have a fucked up day,the last first thing on my mind to get rid of the migraines is to have sex,it does me perfect good.Give it a go.

Sex brings your partner closer

Forget about the texting,the hugs,the happiness and relief you get from sex is to undefinable .You can have picnics,good communication with your partner,but if you don’t have any good sex,trust me you will never feel so attached.There is something distinct about it.Couples need to have sex,regularly,the more its done,the better.Sex gives you the chance to understand your partner,emotionally and physically. You sex because,that brings you a chance to explore your spouse,bringing him closer to you in every way possible.

Prevents you from unnecessary quarrels .

It is very common to see couples fighting and having bad days with each other for no reason.The reason behind is because they are depriving themselves of an important thing which is sex.Good sex gives you happiness,then why on earth would you have fights with your hubby? Some of these fights are a sign that one needs sex and is not being given access to it.Fellow divas,don’t act like saints in your own relationship,and don’t behave like the whole world will squeeze your  throat if you have good sex,besides,its your relationship.listen up,if he is being moody for nothing,give him a sweaty sex.You will thank me later.

Sex makes you complete

Imagine being in a relationship without sex,oh please.To me it would sound like those romantic movies where they always say “Love ain’t about sex”.It’s literally just not an excuse.We both need  to feel like we are in a relationship.That factor differentiates a partner from a mere friend.There won’t be a feeling of completeness of you barely get laid with your hubby or wifey.It won’t make things any better if you shun from giving him what he needs.A relationship without sex would leave you with a void,and you may end up having some else to rock the boat,and that,we don’t want.

Ave spilled alot for today.Listen up,nobody will manage your relationship.Give out all you can to sustain it.Now what? Grabbing your phone,and texting hubby to come by for a quickie,won’t be a bad idea.



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