By Fiona Jacques Manda (La Femme Fatale)

Hello Divaz, and distant cousins, Slay Princesses! How have you been? Been ages we interacted, huh? Well, the Slim SD is back, looking as healthier as she’s always been before.

First things first, we, Sexy Divaz, Slay Princesses and all who cares about our business, can’t run away from the fact that Corona Virus has wreaked havoc in all of us, directly or indirectly. We’re at his mercy, (well, assuming the virus is masculine anyway) Covid 19 has terrorised the globe. Fear has engulfed each one of us as we’re unsure of who’s gonna be next on the list of casualties courtesy of this monster.

Various well-known personalities have fallen prey to this monster. The list is too long to mention. Love birds too are no exception. We both are aware of the “keep a distance” rule of thumb as one of the best measures of avoiding contraction of this monster. By the way, ever thought of how you can be handling yourselves (you and your other half.) in this turbulent time? Got no clue? Let’s take a ride.

Communication is the key

The coming in of Corona Virus shouldn’t be an excuse to be distant from your relationship. We’ve been preaching of unconditional love all along…well, this is the time!!

 The sooner the understanding about how deadly this virus is, the better. Texting, whatsapping, calling…the means are endless. All these can assist in covering up the lost time you could’ve been together physically. It may suck at times, but it’s worth it for now.

Talk about all the stuff you like

Somethingcool with this Corona Holiday is that you just have to stay at home; it’s kinda advantageous in some way. Nothing like, “I’m busy studying,” “I’m at work, talk later, bla bla bla.” Nothing of that sort! You’ve all the time in the world to be communicating with your Dove 24/7.

So you see, It’s not all that bad. Talk about your sex life, dreams, compliment each others’ love…talk all crazy stuff. Give each other a chance to rekindle your love life by communicating as much.

Stay at home

We both know that meeting up with your boo or sexy lady is always a sweet moment. The SD knows that back then, we could travel for hours to make sure you see them boos. Unfortunately, this ain’t the time. Insisting on meeting up with your partner is one hell of a thing you can do now. 

Thousands have lost their lives already, meaning there’s no need for you to put them at risk. Bear in mind, this is a very contagious infection and none as in literary none is safer. If you don’t wanna lose them, don’t tell them to meet up with you unnecessarily.

Argue less

Like l said, these are trying times. Everyone’s part of life has been affected. There are many problems at hand, especially to those who are bread winners. Bringing up unnecessary stories that will stir up a quarrel should be avoided. Because it will only make things worse in your relationship since you won’t have the chance to meet up with your partner and talk about things like before. We them Divaz are good at stirring up unnecessary arguments. This is not the time. He’s already having troubles coming to terms with that you won’t be meeting as frequently as you used to before the Corona era.  This is the time to make out the best moments from your partner. Save your dramas to a later date. .

 Fellow Sexy Divaz, and distant cousins Slay Princesses, no one is safe! Take care of yourselves and your partners! STAY AT HOME!



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